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The Yellow River Scenic Area 

--The first big scenic area along the great Yellow River in China.

The Yellow River Scenic Area is located 30 km to the northwest of the Zhengzhou City with the Yellow River running on the north and the Yueshan Mountain standing on the south. With green trees, pavilions, winding rivers and pretty hills, it enjoys a fame of beautiful view.

It is situated in Mount Mangshan on the southern bank of the Yellow River, 27 kilometers northwest of Zhengzhou urban districts. In the total area of 17 square kilometers, the 4 major sub-areas of the Five-Dragon Peak, Yueshan Temple, Camel Ridge and Boundary Between Kingdoms Chu and Han have been built and opened. Besides the statues of Emperors Yandi and Huangdi, Nursing, King Dayu, Neighing War-Horse and Children of the Yellow River, the best-known of the 40 sights also include the Yellow River Forest of Steles, the Giant Quadripod of Emperor Yandi and Huangdi, the grand brick sculptures of famous ancient Chinese literary works such as The Pilgrimage to the West. The modern entertainment facilities including the low-altitude cableway, hillside chute, hovercraft and speedboat are also popular. Everyday the powerful and magnificent Yellow River scenery, long standing and well established cultural sights and China`s earliest and biggest tourist hovercraft fleet attract a good number of tourists from home and abroad.


In the eastern section of Mt. Yueshan and 27 kilometres to the northwest of Zhengzhou urban districts lies the Yellow River Scenic Area. To its east is the Highway Bridge over the Yellow River; to its west, the ruins of the ancient battke field of King Liu Bang and King Xiang Yu; in the south it starts from the Kuhe River and in the north to the south bank of the Yellow River.

The scenic area is 4.5 kilometres long from east to west, 6 kilometres wide from thesouth to the north and with an area of 27 kilometres. 100.72 metres above the sea level for its ground heigt, some peaks suchas Mt. Wulong with an elevation of 190 metres, the area supplies a natural defense for Zhengzhou City.

Centring on Mt. Yueshan and Mt.Guangwu, called Aoshan Mountain in ancient China, the area has many historical attractions except its beautiful natural scenes. Dayu, the first king of China ever harnessed floods here 4000 years ago; Emperor Zuanwang of Zhou ever hunted here; Emperor Wengong of Jin set up an " Earth platform" to meet with dukes; State Chu and State Jin launched a gap to divide territory in half and so on. Particulary during the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty, with the development of economy, the area was developed into a more beautiful tourist spot with majestic views, where ever left famous 8 scenic sites including "Temple and Tablet", "AncientFerry of the Yellow River", "Huiji Long Bridge" and others which were destroyed in wars in late Qing Dynasty.

In 1952, Chairman Mao Zedong climbed up Mt. Yueshan to inspect the Yellow River, calling for " We must harness well the Yellow River". After that, people of Zhengzhou continuously constucted agricultural irrigation works as well as water-diversion works. Zhengzhou Municipal Government decided to develop the place into "Zhengzhou Yellow River Scenic Area" in 1981, massively panting trees, building attictions and other entertainment facilities. Now, the area has become one of Zhengzhou's main scenic spots.

Zhengzhou Yellow River Scenit Area is a special one featuring brilliant Yellow River culture, beautiful mountain forest and unique cave dwellings of the Loess Plateau.
Standing at the summit of Mt.Yueshan, you can overlook the surging Yellow River, silklike upper reaches dueting from sharp rocks, while the wide lower reaches looking steady and vast as the open sea; cloud-capped Mt.Yueshan is covered with green trees thatl add more charm to the mountain in blossoming and fruit-ripening seasons; pavilions and halls with various styles set green mountains and clear rivers off with eachother; statues stand around foggy fountains. All these picturesque scenes attract tourists from home and abroad.

Cultural scenic spots include Yueshan Temple, Mt. Wulongfeng, Battlefield of King Liu Bang and King Xiang Yu, Huayuankou scenic area etc., although different in styles, reveal the same tune of the Yellow River culture.