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Xiling Gorge

 West Xiling Gorge the Zigui County Huongkhe mouth, east stops the Yichang nanjinguan, the span approximately 76 kilometers, is he longest canyon in the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River , famous by precipitous in the world. In the canyon has the book on military strategy treasured sword canyon, cow liver and the horse lung canyon, Kongling canyon, Yellow cat canyon , the lamplight canyon, the blue beach, releases the beach, Kongling beach and so on the famous canyon rapids and the Huangling temple, three travlling hole, Lyou spring an d so on historical site and so on. In the canyon dangerous mountain peak rises steeply on the both sides, high mountains cliff across the sky; Wonderful stone rugged, the silver waterfall flies flows swiftly, ancient wooden dense, the appearance of the water rapids, the great waves are turbulent, colorful pictures.

But the very many reefs rapids already obtain renovate, are thrilling extreme "Kongling beach", "the ghost see worried", "Guimenguan" has become historical relics. In Xiling Gorge's book on military strategy treasured sword canyon is located east Huongkhe 1.5 kilometer, north shore on Yangtze River's steep cliff steep crag during, on the crag has the thing repeat to set, the shape like the books, the name underneath said "the book on military strategy", its is right has the linearity rock bulge, straight inserts the turbulent current just like the great sword, the name says "the treasured sword". "The book on military strategy" actually the people of Ba the crag coffin buries the vestige. Far from the book on military strategy treasured sword canyon to the east new beach, the north of the Changjiang River has the dike, on has two to overlap the sagging yellow rock, takes the form of together the cow liver, takes the form of together the horse lung, therefore Niu Ganma lung canyon. The lotus rugger terrain has the lamplight canyon and Yellow cat gorge to Nanjinguan between. The lamplight canyon other name bright moonlight canyon, the canyon although is not long, but the view is uncommon, it may be said "does not have the peak non- cliff, has the water to fly the spring". On the south of Xiling Gorge has four wonderful stones on Maya mountain, likes the Tang priests and disciples four people to go to the Western Paradise very much to learn from experienced people in the "the record of west travelling ", the Wukong explores the way, Bajie leads a horse, the Tang priests. gathers ten, Sha priests take passes books, posture striking resemblance to. Whenever the falling rosy clouds lighting. Far looks from the canyon, resembles in extremely the lamp cinema the character, therefore famous lamplight canyon. Yellow cat gorge Area, hill shape like Yellow cat curls up, the scenery is beautiful.

Kongling Rapid lies in the Miaohe section. The local people have always said: "Qintan and Xietan are not real rapids compared with Kongling Rapid - the worst of the Yangtze rapids." 24 reefs, named Great Pearl, First Pearl, Second Pearl, Third Pearl, and so on, are crammed into the rapids, overlapping each other. The Great Rapid sprawls in the middle of the river, dividing the water into two channels; the south channel is full of jagged reefs and fickle eddies, and the north channel is narrow, twisted and forbidding with submerged rocks. There is also a treacherous reef called "Coming-at-Me", which used to fill people with fear. This is a rapid where passing boats have to thread their way through the reefs, dodging from side to side all the time.

Down river about five kilometers past Qintan Rapid is Ox Liver and Horse Lungs Gorge. Many other scenic spots encompassed by Xiling Gorge are "Lantern Shadow Gorge", "Huangling Temple", "Three Travelers' Cave", "Horse Bell Rock", Mt. Qingshi (Black Lion) in Shipai Town, and Three Swords Peak at Nantuo. There are also many spectacular waterfalls. During the rainy season, one of the largest, Jiuwanxi Waterfall, roars with its gushing water.

At the foot of Heavenly Pillar Peak, there is a stalactite cave called Huangsang Cave. It is spanned by a natural stone bridge, known as the Fairy Bridge that is covered with creeping plant growth. On one end of the bridge stands a statue of a fairy. It is a truly wonderful sight to look down at all the boats shuttling to and fro.

In the past, a great number of boats have sunk here, striking the reefs in the rapid flow of water. Thanks to the Gezhouba Water Conservancy Project, the water now has been calmed to some extent.

Besides the natural landscape, some historic landmarks including the Huangling Temple and Three Travelers' Cave (Sanyou Dong) are also worth visiting. As your boat cruises out of Nanjin Pass at the eastern end of Xiling Gorge, the scenery of dangerous cliffs and shoals will be left behind as the middle section of the Yangtze River begins.

Now Xiling Gorge has become a highlight of the Yangtze River Cruise and has been praised by numerous visitors, both native and foreign.

The Gezhou Dam, impressive if first seen coming up-river, is now an anticlimax for those coming down. Nevertheless, it was China's largest before the construction of the Three Gorges Dam and a similar project on the Yellow River, and still produces 2.7l5 million kilowatts of electricity per hour. A single stage lock allows ships to descend to the level of Yichang.