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Lipu County is about 100 km to the south of Guilin. The county is rich in natural scenic spots and historical relics, such as the Fengyu Cave, Swan Feather Temple, and the Eight Diagrams Villa. Fengyu Cave, is the largest cave of its kind in Asia, winding through nine hills with the most beautiful stalactites and stalagmites and also an underground river of five kilometers. Fengyu Cave is named after a kind of fish ( blind fish ) in the cave.

Fengyu Cave is 5.300 km long with a river about 4,300m, running through nine mountains with one hall being as large as 25,500 sq meters. It is said to be The No. 1 Cave in Asia. The cave was named after the the fengyu, the name of the red fish, a kind of blind fish living in the cave river. The cave tour is done by boating on the underground river. The cave has fine speleothems, like dripstones, helictites, and curtains. It has the characteristic of fast growing and slim stalagmites. They are several meters high and only about 10 or 20cm in diameter. Beneath coloured light all over the cave, some stalagmites are charmed by numerous lights all around.

The cave river comes from the nearby sandstone hills of Dayao, entering the Devonian limestone only 3km away from the cave entrance.