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Agricultural Ecological Tours

       The construction of the first phase of the tourism road for enjoying the Jade Belt Cloud on the Cangshan Mountains started in August 1991, and was completed by the end of 1992. With a total investment of 2.4 million, this 16.2-meter-long tourism road is 2,600 meters above sea level. It is 1.5 meters wide and is built with paving stones. From Shengying Peak to Malong Peak, it crosses five small peaks and five streams. By the peaks and streams it passes by erected stelae of their names along the road. The new road accompanies with a rough path. Pine trees and seas of fog shroud the way. The magnificent Cangshan Mountains and the charming Erhai Lake make a strong contrast. The sky is blue, Erhai Lake is limpid, the Mountains are green and the clouds are white. The Jade Belt Cloud appears at the juncture of summer and autumn, and the Waiting for the Husband Cloud appears as winter turns into spring. In winter, the snow-covered Cangshan Mountains reflected on the mirror-like Erhai Lake constitute a unique natural scene.