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The Department of Xi'an Artist Ceramic

Xi'an's proud tradition as the capital of the Tang Dynasty is kept alive today by modern day replicas of Tang Dynasty pottery. Tang Dynasty pottery, with its distinctive blue, green, and yellow color glazes is still hand-made as it was during the Tang. Common themes include figurines and ceramic camels and horses. Tang Tri-colored Glazed Potteries

Because of this revival in the art of Tang style pottery, buyers should be wary of any shop owners or hawkers that claim their pottery to be "old". Just a reminder! The Tang Dynasty was from about 600 to 900 AD. That would make any genuine Tang Dynasty pieces out of the reach of any ordinary modern day shop.

Brief Introduction : The Tourist Department of Xi'an Artist Ceramic Factory is the first enterprise approved by the Cultural Relic Replication and Imitation Administration to produce and sell Tang Tricolor, Qin terracotta warriors and horses, and it was confirmed as a unit concerning foreign affairs in 1984. The ceramic factory mainly produces national traditional cultural art ware, imitations of Qin pottery figurines, Tang Tricolor, imitations of Song Tian Mu glazed pottery, celadon, etc., and also produces chinaware, jade ware and silk blanket concurrently. The factory occupies an area of 1600 square meters, and has the ability of producing, visiting, performing, selling and consigning for shipment abroad, series of service. The factory is very well equipped and the environment is quite elegant, it attracts tens of thousands of tourists each year. The art ware including Qin terracotta warriors and horses, Tang Tricolor and encaustic won Baihua Prize, the blue ribbon for fine souvenirs which awarded by the Light Industry Department and the provincial and civic travel bureau. They are good presents to friends and relatives for collections and appreciation.

Category: Souvenirs
Commodity category: Home
Recommended Commodities: souvenirs,
Chinese Jade ,Chinese SilkClassical Chinese furniture, The Imitation Terracotta Warriors
Pricing Category: Middle level
Payment: Cash&Credit Card
Address: Eastern Suburbs Power Plant Road East No.5, Xi'an
Tel. : 029-3519063,3526174 , Postcode : 710038


Take a Terracotta Warrior home with you! Many different types of replicas are available as souvenirs, from a few inches tall to life-size! Prices range as well, from one US dollar to several thousand dollars for the largest statues.

The price of the life-sized statues usually includes shipping to the US or Europe. But buyer beware! The life-sized statues cost a fraction of the price to make, usually less than 400 US dollars.

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