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                                      Lhasa Airport

 Airport code: LXA

  Brief intro: Lhasa Gonggar Airport is one of the civil airports with the highest altitude in the world. It has a 4,000-meter (about 4,374 yards) long airstrip, the longest one in China, which can admit each kind of big aircraft landing and taking-off. Domestic airlines in Lhasa Gonggar Airport can reach Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Chongqing, Xian, Xining, Kunming, Diqing and Chamdo Region. One international airline connects Katmandu and Lhasa.

The Gonggar Airport of Lhasa is actually located in the Shannan region of Tibet. It is the main airport of Tibet, and subsequently receives the most traffic. Originally a 100+ km trek to the downtown, the distance will be decreased shortly due to the building of new roads.

There are ticketing service hall, departures hall and baggage claim area on 1 F; while on 2 F you can find Waiting Hall, restaurants and shops.

Airport inquiries phone: 0891-6182220

There are shuttle buses to Lhasa City. The whole trip will take you CNY 20 per person and about two hours.
If you take a taxi, it will cost CNY 150 - CNY 250.

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The Bamda Airport

The Bamda Airport of Chamdo was completed in 1995. It is considered the world`s highest airport, with an elevation of ~4,330 meters above sea level. It is located in the far eastern area of Tibet. The airport, along with Gonggar Airport, were the first two main airports open for public use, until recently. The Chamdo Airport is ~125km to the main center of Chamdo. It takes just over an hour to fly to Lhasa.

The Nyingchi Airport

The Nyingchi Airport is located in the southeastern part of Tibet. The area borders India and Burma. The airport just opened this year. An impressive facility, it is ~400km from Lhasa. The airport is at a lower altitude than Lhasa and Chamdo Airports.


Ngari region is another area of Tibet currently constructing an airport. The project is estimated to take 5 years to complete, with work just underway. The airport should be located near the central town called Shiquanhe. Shiquanhe is roughly 1,785km from Lhasa.

The Peace Airport of Xigaze is a longstanding military airport located in the Shigatse region of Tibet. There were rumors for a long time about converting the facility into a civilian airbase. It is reported that these plans have already taken place. With the addition of this airport for public use, this would provide another means of access close to the capital Lhasa. It would boost the number of Tibet airports to five, enabling tourists to fly directly to almost all the regions located in Tibet.