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China Hainan Airlines

Airlines Code: HU

Brief Introduction

Commencing operation in 1993, Hainan Airlines was established by restructuring the former Hainan Provincial Airlines Company. Headquartered in Haikou, capital of Hainan Province, Hainan Airlines now plays an important role in Chinese airlines industry for its transport capability, widely extended flight courses, and well-praised services. By the end of August, 2006, it has possessed 119 aircrafts for cargo, business, and passenger purposes including nine airbuses, 56 Boeing aircrafts. During the past 13 years, Hainan Airlines has featured rapid increases in both quality and safety coefficient which has made Hainan Airlines won a series of praises such as the Golden Eagle Cup (most distinguished prize for airlines safety in China) by CAAC in 2001 and 2003.

International Services Operated by Hainan Airlines


Country Short form City
The Republic of Korea Korea Seoul
The Kingdom of Thailand Thailand Bangkok

Note: Hainan Airlines operates scheduled flights to Hong Kong.

North America

Country Short form City
The United States of America United States Los Angeles


Country Short form City
The Kingdom of Belgium Belgium Brussels

Specialty Services

1. Cargo Services

Hainan Airlines now has over 100 aircrafts for cargo services. 30 branches are set up whose business covers over one hundred cities in China. Since 1993, it has established nine aviation bases and opened 500 cargo courses. It mainly transports cargos included in General Terms of Cargo. They aim at providing safe, quick and effective services to the customer's content.

2. Telephone Reminder

Have you ever missed your flight because you were too busy or overslept? Telephone Reminder by Hainan Airlines is going to relief your concerns. This kind of service is designed for those who are likely to miss their flight. It can be reserved by dialing 950718 or 8008768999 or email your requisition on line 24 hours before your plane lifting from the airport. Please call 800-876-8999 or 950718 for mobile phone users if having any question on this service

Customer Services

24-hour hotline: 800-876-8999(toll free), 950718

Cargo service inquiring hotline: +86-898-65756865

Website: Hainan Airlines (both English and Chinese versions)

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