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Xiamen Airport


  Airport Code: XMN

   Location: Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport is situated at the northeast end of the Xiamen Island. And it is about 10 km (about 6.2 miles) from the airport to Xianmen downtown.

   Brief Intro: Opened to the public in 1983, Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport became one of the ten busiest airports in China. Now there is a 4E standard flight area, a 3,400-meter (about 3,718 yards) runway, a 3,300-meter (about 3,609 yards) slideway, a 149 thousand-square-meter (178,208 square yards) Terminal Building and a 250-thousand-square-meter (about 299,007 square yards) parking apron. The passenger flow volume is about 10-million person-times per year. Xiamen airport offers 75 air routes to 58 domestic cities and 17 foreign cities and regions in Japan, American and southeastern countries.

Luggage Carts: There are totally about 1,000 luggage carts waiting for offering you service for free near the No. 4 and No. 9 automatic door of the Leaving Hall and near the luggage turnplate at the Arriving Hall. You can make a full use of the carts inside the Terminal Building and the east, west parking lots.

Baby Room: Set in the limited area, it is an ideal place for passengers with baby to have a rest.

Rest Room for Customers of First-class Stateroom: with comfortable and elegant environment, the domestic and international rest rooms for customers of first-class stateroom are respectively at the No. 3 and No. 10 boarding gates.

Car Parking: cost of parking cars in the underground lot is as follow.

Parking Time 1 hour  above 1 hour 24 hours

above 24 hours

Cost 8 Yuan Every 30 min charges the extra 2 Yuan 100 Yuan Each 1 will charge 50 Yuan

Public Phone: at the Arriving Hall, Leaving Hall and the limited area set the public phones and offer the phone card selling for your convenience.

Business Center: it provides receiving and transmitting facsimile, printing at the central area of the Leaving Hall.

Medical Center: it is situated at the Leaving Hall.
Tel: 0592 - 5706120
Smoking Room: there are smoking rooms in the domestic and international lounges, outside the rooms, smoking is not allowed.

Entertainment: some entertain facilities are offered in the room near the No. 1 Boarding Gate.

Massage Chairs: passengers can find massage chairs at domestic and international arriving halls. You can enjoy 5 min automatic massage by dropping 5 Yuan.

Besides, there are restaurants, cafes and stores in the Terminal Building offering the related services.

Inquiring Counter: Located in the central area in the Arriving Hall, offers passengers the information on schedule of flights.
Tel: 0592 – 6028940

Post Office: with the providing of the express delivery, mails, parcels and transmitting by post, etc. it is located at the central area of the Arriving Hall.

Banks: a small branch of Bank of China is set in the international Leaving Hall offering the service of foreign exchange. Besides, you can find the ATMs of Bank of China, Industrial & Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank and China Everbright Bank in domestic Arriving Hall and Leaving Hall.

Gotone Club of China Mobile: VIP of Gotone can enjoy the free service of internet, recharging for mobile phones, etc.

Broadcasting Office: broadcasts the information on schedule of flights, lost and found in English, Mandarin and Japanese.
Tel.: 0592 – 5706018

Left-Luggage Counter: if you need such service, please refer to the counters at the two sides of the Leaving Hall and the central area of the Arriving Hall.

Articles (volume) Over (100*70*50cm) Over (70*50*30cm) Under (70*50*30cm) Under (55*40*20cm)
Cost 10 Yuan per day 8 Yuan per day 5 Yuan per day 3 Yuan per day

Luggage Searching: domestic and international Luggage Searching Counters are respectively in the domestic and international arriving halls.
Tel: 0592 - 5708246 (domestic) 0592 – 5708371 (international)

Lost and Found: 0592 – 5706016

Advice for hotels and tourism: the counter is situated in the west of the Domestic Arriving Hall.

   Airport Transportation:
Taxi: the flat rate fare of taxis in Xiamen is about 8 Yuan for the prior 3 km (about 1.9 miles), and then the distance surcharge is about 2 Yuan per km. Out of the Arriving Hall, there are taxis waiting.

Airport Bus: it will cost passengers about 6 Yuan from the airport to downtown by airport bus. You can find buses about 100-meter (about 109 yards) west out of the Arriving Hall.

Public Bus: passengers can take public buses No. 27, 37, 41, 81 and 91. The cost is 1 Yuan and the last bus is usually before 22:30. The buses are waiting about 250-meter (about 273 yards) east out of the Arriving Hall.

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