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Wuzhizhou Island-Mecca for lovers

A dazzling showcase of corals, the crystal-like blue water, white beaches and some green hills mix in for good measure. If you want to spend a really romantic holiday with your loved one, you cannot afford to miss one island in south China's Hainan Province -- Wuzhizhou Island.


Wuzhizhou Island made a name for itself as the Valentine's Island with a beautiful legend: One day a young fisherman met a pretty girl on the island. They chatted with each other, gradually fell in love and decided to meet there every day. The girl was the daughter of the Dragon King, who found out about their love affair and put her in a locked house. Ultimately the girl ran out to meet her sweetheart. The Dragon King got extremely angry and used his magic to turn the lovers into two big stones on the island. Since then the place has been a popular destination for those who take oath for everlasting love.

A mini paradise within a paradise,Wuzhizhou Island, in Haitang Bay, has an area of some 1.48 square kilometers (365.7 acres). With an irregular butterfly-like shape and a total coastline of 5.7 km (3.54 miles), the island is about 30 km (18.6 miles) north-east of Sanya City.

Wuzhizhou Island has a tropic maritime climate, warm and agreeable all the year round. Arbor trees are tall and straight, and shrubs luxuriantly green; silver beaches stretch long and unbroken; and mountains rise steeply.


When strong winds come in, great sea waves will go up as high as 10 meters to the beat of a huge water drum, creating an aural and visual sensation.

Although it covers an area of only 1.48 square kilometers, it is one of the rare islands with abundant resources of fresh water and vegetation in Hainan Province.

Clear and transparent seawater make it a natural fishery and a good place for undersea sightseeing. It is also one of the coastal areas where natural resources are best conserved.

In addition to the natural attractions of the island, tourists are certain to be pleased by the delightful catering facilities here. In the south of the island there are the Buffet Lunch Restaurant, the Pirate Bar, the Seafood Pool and the Chinese Restaurant all providing excellent food. The Summer Western Food Restaurant in the east corner and the Winter Western Food Restaurant in the west corner of the island also offer a choice of delicious food. Local caught lobsters, prawns, crabs, conch, sea cucumbers and jellyfish will make your mouth water! Furthermore, this island is rich in fruits; bananas, coconuts, mangos and other tropical fruits are plentiful and inexpensive.

For those who want to spend a night on the island, Wuzhizhou Island Holiday Center offers 81 Guest Rooms with a choice of perfect facilities. Onshore Wooden Cabin and the Presidents' Villa on the southern seashore, and other rooms located in the inner island, such as Deluxe Mountain Room and Sea-view Wooden Building are all very pleasant. Furthermore, all the rooms have views of the fine scenery of the island.

1. There are public telephones on the island, and phones in the hotel rooms are available subject to a deposit. Cell phone signals are good in the vacation village, on Sunrise Rock up in the mountains as well as on the nearby seashore.
2. There are outlets on the island where one can rent diving equipment and under-water cameras.
3. In order to avoid sunburn, sun-bloc, hats and sunglasses are necessary. Summer clothes are suitable at most times as the annual average temperature is 25C-30C. But from January to March, long-sleeved T-shirts or similar should be taken as the temperatures in the morning and evening are low.
4. It is about 38km (23.6 miles) from the Sanya Fenghuang (Phoenix) International Airport (SYX) to Wuzhizhou Wharf. It takes just over fifty minutes by taxi.
5. As there is no direct bus available from Sanya city center to Wuzhizhou Wharf, the best options are a taxi or a self-drive hire car to the Wuzhizhou Wharf. It takes about CNY50 for a one-way trip and CNY150-CNY200 for a round trip. There are ferries from 7:40 am to 6:00 pm every 20 minutes to the island. It takes 10 minutes to reach the island by ferry.
6. As well as the Wuzhizhou Wharf, the Summer Wharf with its two berths is also used to land at the island. It is open from March each year depending upon the change of seasons instead of the Wuzhizhou Wharf.

Admission Fee: CNY 123 (Round trip tickets for boat are included)