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Tianyou Mountain (China--Wuyishan)
      Beautiful WuYiShan, Fairlyland on earth. In 1999, it became one of the world nature and culture Heritage site. It has beautiful scenery and a galaxy of culture which has many historical sites and abundant resources with very clean and fresh air.Walking and Hiking in this peaceful and the secret woody canyon is an amazing and memorable experience. Much more surprises awaiting for you, if you enjoy nature and its beautiful surroundings.

   Tianyou Mountain is one of the most popular sights on the Wuyi Mountain. Tianyou Mountain is also called the First Wonderland of Wuyishan. The nature preserve is very large, where you can see many kinds of animals. It is so high that its top is very often hidden in the clouds and mists. Climbing up the mountain makes you feel like being in the heaven palace. Taste some tea at the temples, and you will feel yourself recharged and going up to another world. Every year, lots of foreigners like you come and do research on the animals.

Tianyou Peak (Peak of Sky Tour): Frequently shrouded in clouds and mist, it towers aloft over clusters of peaks. Ascending to its top, one feels as if traveling upon a sea of clouds high up the sky. Hence it becomes the most famous spot of Wuyishan. The pavilion on the top, the highest among myriad peaks commands a panoramic view of Wuyishan encircled by well-known peaks and the Jiuqu Stream on its three sides.

Heavenly Tour Peak is located at the center of the Wuyi scenic area. It has stone steps leading to the summit, which is 700 meters above sea level, and commanding a bird’s eye view of the fabulous Nine-bend Stream. From the top, one sees peaks over peaks below with beautiful landscape stretching to a misty distance. Here, visitors can see a sea of clouds passing by, as if touring in heaven, hence the name of the peak.

This scenic spot includes Nine Dragon Cave, Red Robe Tea Tree and Tianxin Yongle Buddhist Temple, covering an area of 4.5 sq km. It is a sacred Buddhism place. The Red Robe Tea Tree, known as the "King of Tea Trees", stands at the foot of Nine Dragon Rock. There is water dripping down all the year round from a long and narrow crack in the rocks on both sides of the tree. Adequate sunshine and minor changes in temperature enable the tree to produce high quality tea with a unique flavor.

Tourists can reach the summit along the path from Tea Plantation Cave (Chadong). You will reach the top if you go up the 800 steps past the Clothes- Drying Rock (Saibuyan), and arrive at Bird’s Eye Lookout (Yilantai). You enjoy a panoramic view of the whole scenic area from here. The Tianyouguan Hote is a graceful traditional- style building and has rooms for guests who want to see the stars of the Milky way and the sun rise. This peak provides the grandest view of Wuyi mountain area.

Mountain climbing, rafting on the river, sightseeing, and visiting ancient sites are the activities that characterize Wuyi Mountain tours.

Tianyou Peak is the first choice for climbing. Located at the center of the scenic area, it has stone steps leading to the summit, which is 700 meters above sea level. Here, visitors are surrounded by clouds as they take in a panoramic view of the Nine-Bend River girdling the peaks below them.

Ling Rock, or Yixiantian (A Shot of Sky), demonstrates the master craftsmanship of nature. The rock is like a huge wall lying across a broad gully. Tourists enter the rock through Fuxi Cave, feel their way through the chill, dark, eeriness, and emerge at a spot where the rock opens out neatly to a stretch over 100 meters in length, one meter in breadth, and at a height of dozens of meters. When looking up from the opening, a narrow strip of sky can be seen at the tips of the vertical rocks that tower on both sides.

Rafting along the Nine-Bend River is the most popular cruise. The raft is about two meters wide and eight meters long, and is made of eight or nine bamboo poles. Six bamboo chairs are affixed to the raft. As tourists cruise along for the length of 10 kilometers and enjoy the kaleidoscopic scenery, the rafter tells stories about the peaks and the river.

The most thrilling river cruise is to float down Tongmuxi Gully at the upper reaches of the Nine-Bend River. This stretch of water is 14 kilometers long, with a drop of 2.8 meters at its highest point. Tourists may sail in a rubber boat and drift down over rapids or along a gentle stream.

The boat-shaped coffins suspended over the cliffs are a major sightseeing spectacle. Although the wooden planks have rotted and rendered these "boats" misshapen, the sight of them still conjures up a feeling of mysticism.

The trip back tracking to antiquity takes one to ancient residences at Xiamei, the Han Dynasty city ruins, and the Wufuxingxian Academy of Classic Learning, which are all relevant to the ancient culture and folklore of the area.


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