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The basic Tibetan meal is tsampa, a kind of dough made with roasted barley flour and yak butter with water, teror beer. It has a certain novelty value the first time you try it, but only a Tibetan can eat it every day and still look forward to the next meal.Outside Lhasa, Tibetan food is limited mainly to momos and thugpa.

Highland Barley, also called Barley,is the principal material used to make Tsam-pa. Tibetan barley is widely grown in Tibet and on the Qinghai-Tibet plateau due its endurance to the local harshness and coldness.

Method of making: grind the sauted Highland Barley into flour then mix it with ghee. The Tsam-pa made of Highland Barley are not only the traditional food of Tibetan people,but frequently appears in main hotels in
Lhasa as the main dish used to feast guests from home and abroad. In religious festivels,Tibetans will cast Tsam-pa to express their blessing to each other.

There are two main ways of preparing and eating the tsam-pa. One is to make a tsam-pa dough with the Tibetan buttered tea while the other is to make a porridge together with beef or mutton and vegetables such as turnip. The tsam-pa porridge is known as tu-pa.

Unlike the tsam-pa dough served with the Tibetan buttered tea, the tu-pa porridge is often served with sugar. The tsam-pa dough served with the Tibetan buttered tea more often than not tastes salty
Beef & Mutton
Tibetans live on beef,mutton and milk products.As everybody knows,beef and mutton contain high heat energy,which is helpful forpeople living in the area of high attitude to withstand coldness.It is very interesting that Tibetans have the practice of eating raw meats.Dried beef and mutton will be found hanging in Tibetans' tents if you pay a visit to the local families,and the host may ask you to taste the dried raw beef and mutton.

Yak Butter

Yak Butter,refined from the milk of cattles and goats,is the daily food of Tibetans.It is intriguing for Tibetans to refine yak butter.As milk segregators are not widely used in the pasturing area in Tibet,Tibetan people usually refine milk in old way.Tibetan women pour the heated milk into a big wooden bucket called "Xue Dong",then whip forcibly up and down for hundreds of times to segregate grease from water.Step by step,a tier of somthing light yellow will surface, subsequently ladle the floating and put it into a leather bag to cool it.In this way,the refinement of yak butter ends.Yak butter has very high value of nutrition. Tibetans usually eat fruits and vegetables little,especially in pasturing area,the daily required heat energy is supplied by yak butter besides meats.

Sweet Tea

With black tea as its original juice,sweet tea contains other components such as milk and sugar,making it more sweet and nutritious.