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Grape Valley

The Grape Valley in Turpan, Xinjiang Autonomous Region has already won a great fame in the world, as it is a place with both beautiful landscapes and unique cultural features. Most tourists choose to visit Grape Valley in summer, as that is the best season for grapes. However, this picture will tell you the charm of autumn in the Grape Valley. Photo taken on Wednesday,

Grape Valley is located just 10 kilometers away from Turpan, on the western side of Flaming Mountain. The valley is 8 kilometers long and 0.6 - 2.0 kilometers wide. On the west side of the valley lies sheer cliffs, but most visitors who pay the valley a visit come to see the abundance of grape vines that give the valley its name. Around the grapevines, vibrant poplar trees tower and blooming flowers grow, while cottages and adobe houses are sit charmingly on the valley’s sides. 

On the western side of Flaming Mountain in the Turpan Depression, Grape Valley (nickname: Green Pearl City), is an oasis where the scorching sun is shut off by luxuriant tree foliages and grapevine trellises that cover 220 hectares and are crisscrossed by irrigation ditches. As the climate there is moist and cool, the valley is a pleasant place to visit in summer. The seedless grapes produced in the valley are excellent.

When Zhang Qian, a soldier who is recognized for helping the Han Dynasty pacify the tribes in the west, visited this region over 2,000 years ago, he found that people here were already very experienced grape growers. Records show that after Zhang returned from the West and introduced the grape to China's inland provinces, the Emperor Caopi highly praised the delicious grape along with the wine's fragrance and taste. Zhang later returned as an envoy to the region for several years afterward. 

There is a winery near the valley and lots of well-ventilated brick buildings for drying grapes - wine and raisins are major exports of Turpan. An annual 'grape festival' is held in August, with featuring dancing, singing, wine-tasting and, of course, a lot of grape eating.

Every August the sweet air will herald the vintage. The best place to enjoy the grapes is Grape Valley.Mellowness penetrates your heart as the sweetness of grapes melts in your mouth. This unique experience in the Grape Valley will leave you with an enduring memory!

Admission Fee: CNY 60