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Yearly Climate Info -- Shanghai

Shanghai, located on the 31st parallel north, has a climate comparable to that of the southeastern coast of the United States, except that Shanghai's summer is hotter. Spring, from mid-March to mid-May, is mild but rainy. Summer, from mid-May to mid-September, is oppressively hot and humid. Winter, from mid-November to mid-March, is damp and chilly, but there is seldom snow and the daytime temperatures are usually above freezing. Autumn, from mid-September to mid-November, is the most comfortable season, being neither too hot nor too rainy, but typhoon-propelled rains can strike in September.

Except for the windy, chilly winter months, Shanghai teems with tourists and business travelers, most notably May through October. Shanghai's weather is moderate (annual average temperature is about 15 degrees centigrade) and the seasons are not as distinct as in the North. Shanghai is characterized by a warm spring, hot summer, cool autumn and cold winter.

Shanghai receives abundant rainfall and the average annual precipitation is over 1000 cm. The "Plum Flower Rain" season (frequent light rain) is from from mid-June to early July with an average daily rainfall of 259 mm. During July and September, strong storms with torrential rain become frequent. However, it seldom snows in Shanghai.

Shanghai summers are hot and humid. July and August are Shanghai's hottest months with average highs of 27.4 degrees centigrade.

In winter, January is the coldest month, with a temperature average of 3 degrees centigrade.

All in all, it is best to go prepared with light clothing in summer and warm, heavy clothing in winter. Also, always prepare for rain by keeping an umbrella, but most hotels can equip you with one if needed!

The best times to visit Shanghai are in spring or autumn. The city has a subtropical maritime monsoon climate, with four distinct seasons. Generally, the warm spring and cool autumn are the more comfortable seasons. While summer and winter are far less pleasant. Overall, Shanghai enjoys a mild and moist climate.

Detailed information about the Average, Maximun and Minimum Temperatures and the rainfall in Shanghai.

Average Data Jan Feb Mar Apr May June
Average High (F) 45/48 46/50 54/58 65/68 74/78 80/84
Average High (C) 7/9 8/10 12/14 18/20 23/25 27/29
Average Low (F) 31/34 33/36 39/43 49/52 58/62 66/70
Average Low (C) -1/1 0/2 4/6 9/11 14/16 19/21
Rain (in) 1.8/1.9 2.4/2.5 3.3/3.4 3.6/3.7 4.3/4.4 6.4/6.5
Rain (mm) 45/50 60/65 80/85 90/95 110/115 160/165








Average Data July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average High (F) 88/92 88/92 81/84 72/76 61/65 50/54
Average High (C) 31/33 31/33 27/29 22/24 16/18 10/12
Average Low (F) 74/78 74/78 67/70 56/60 46/49 35/39
Average Low (C) 23/25 23/25 19/21 13/15 8/10 2/4
Rain (in) 5.5/5.6 5.6/5.7 <0.1 2.2/2.3 2.0/2.1 1.5/1.6
Rain (mm) 140/145 140/145 <5 55/60 50/55 40/45


National holidays observed in Shanghai with days off include New Year's Day (Jan 1), Spring Festival/Chinese New Year (first day of the lunar calendar: Feb 3, 2011, Jan 23, 2012), Qingming Festival (usually Apr 5 on the Gregorian calendar; Apr 4 during leap years), Labor Day (May 1), Dragon Boat Festival (early June on the lunar calendar), Mid-Autumn Festival (Sept on the lunar calendar), and National Day (Oct 1).

Spring Festival, the Chinese New Year, is the most important holiday. Officially, it is a 3-day national holiday (usually expanded to 7 days, making the weekend after the 7-day holiday normal working days). On the first 3 days, banks, offices, and many workplaces are closed. In reality, the effects of this holiday are felt from 2 weeks before the date until 2 weeks after, as Chinese travel to and from their hometowns, which may be very far from their place of work. The 15th day of the New Year is marked by the Lantern Festival celebrations.

The National Day (Oct 1) holidays will also last 7 days. While offices, banks, smaller restaurants, and some sights may be closed for part of each holiday period, you will find in Shanghai that hotels that normally cater to business travelers will offer significant discounts during those times.

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