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Three  Day  Tour  of  Mt. Emei

Tour Code: CDT12
Departure: Daily
Tour Type: Private
AttractionAlthough Emeishan is still hugely popular with pilgrims, (the smoke from incense and burning paper in the temples en route stings your eyes!) the mountain is equally famous for its spectacular scenery. The word "Emei" in Chinese means "Eyebrows of beauty" and locals believe that the peaks of Emei resemble the eyebrows of a woman! Towering 3099 meters high, Emei is the highest of China¡¯s mountains and as such, the temperature here is ideal for lush vegetation and some stunning and rare plants and wildlife. The forested slopes, hot springs and wonderful views here could keep you for days. It is best to allow at least a couple of days to explore the low slopes of the mountain and perhaps an additional day to make it to the peak at Wanfoding.
Although the mountain is a big pilgrimage site, and becoming increasingly popular with tourists, it is possible to escape the crowds and head off on some of the smaller trails, exploring at your own pace. This is a wonderfully atmospheric area, and the impressive views, scenery mixed with the sight of monks and the sound of bells, make for one of China's more interesting areas to explore and discover

Day and day itinerary:
Day1:Hiking to Mt.Emei.
Place & Transport:C
hengdu & Auto
Today's Activities:
Route: From Chengdu to Mt.Emei (Hongchunping)   Hotel; Hongchunping.
We will reach Mt. Emei by bus about two hours from Chengdu ,through Baoguo Temple ,Fuhu Temple, Leiyin Temple , Chunyang Temple and Zhongfeng Temple ,Qingyin Pavilion ,the famous scenic spot of a Line of the Sky and the biggest ecological zone of monkeys ,after traveling about 5 kilometers upward along the Baiyun Gorge ,then we will arrive at Hongchunping, the best summer resort in Mt.Emei and appreciate the Morning Rain at Hongchunping.
Day2:Hiking to Mt.Emei.
Place & Transport:
Mt.Emei & Hiking
Today's Activities:
Route : From Hongchunping to the Golden Summit     Hotel; Golden Summit
 After half and an hours ,we'll arrive at 99-turnning .After a climb up the Xianhuang Terrace behind Xianfeng Temple ,we will come upon a nature cave with its entrance resembling a Taoist priest .This is famous Jiulao Cave .After traveling the Jiulao Cave ,we can return to Xianfeng Temple. Walk 2.5 km from Jiugangzi, and we’ll get there by way of the Zuantian Slope and Elephant Bathing Pool. Arriving at Leidong Terrace, we should walk to the Gold Summit which will cost about one and an half hour .Hotel in the Gold Summit at night.
Day3:Back to chengdu.
Place & Transport:Chengdu & Auto
Today's Activities:
Route : From the Gold Summit to Chengdu
Getting up early in the morning, we may be fortunate enough to watch the Marvelous spectacle of the Golden Summit, i.e. the Sunrise and the Buddhist halo. We'll be down the Mt about at 9 o'clock from the Golden summit to the Jiudinggang .After lunch, we should chose the route of Wannian Temple (through the Huayanding Temple ,Chudain Temple and Zhaolaoping ).At 3:00pm ,we can arrive the terminus of traveling and return to Chengdu.
 Total: 92km  including:  the wuxian Mound to Qingyin Pavilion:1.5km;
                                    the Qingyin Pavilion to Wannian Temple:2km
                                    the Wannian Temple to Elephant Bathing Pool:14km
                                    the Elephant Bathing Pool to Leidong Terrace:7.5km
                                    the Leidong Terrace to Jieyin Hall:1.5km
                                    the Jieyin Hall to the Golden Summit:6km
                                    the Elephant Bathing Pool to Jiulao Cave:12.5km
                                    the Jiulao Cave to Hongchunping :15km
                                    the Hongchunping to the Qingyin Pavilion:6km
                                    the Qingyin Pavilion to the Fuhu Temple:10km
                                    the Fuhu Temple to the Baoguo Temple:1km

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