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Shaanxi Song and Dance of Tang Show place

Tang Dynasty Dancing Show and Dumpling Dinner

Brief Introduction : Shaanxi Song and Dance Show place is invested and built jointly by the province government and itself. It's a cultural place of arts, food and drinks. Food, drinks and culture are integrated here. And it's located at No.5 on the Wenyi road of Xi'an, the ancient city. It's reasonably designed, uniquely sculpted, elegantly and luxuriously decorated. There is the countrywide first class stage equipped with internationally advanced sound and lighting equipment. The audience hall can hold 500 people at one time. They can enjoy the song and dance imitating the style of the Tang Dynasty. And it also has the team boxes that can hold 160,40,20, and 20 people for dinner. There is a large-scale parking lot outside the show place.

1, Facility and Equipment : The big show place is constructed finely. There is cargo ladder in it, and there are telephone exchange and 12 direct dial telephones at the bar stage and other places. Women's room and men's room is separately designed. In it, high-class bathroom equipments are equipped accordingly. And the washing basin, hand drier and sanitary consumers are of the first class.

Its business coverage is more than 3800 square meters. It's divided into two floors, up and down, and it can provide more than 800 seats at one time. Many boxes are of different styles and elegant decoration. And the ground of it is paved with high-level carpet or marble. It's equipped with air conditioner that can both be cold and warm. The turn plate on the round table can make the customers enjoy the delicious dishes served by the show place from different directions. The finely made cloth table top, napkins and various kind of refined dishware and wine ware are qualified to undertake high level parties.

2, Technical Strength : Super cooks are retained at the show place, and they're at the first line of cooking. 12% of all the cooks in charge of cooking are over super 2nd class, and 22% are over super 3rd class. 20% of the bakers are over super 2nd class. The first class headwaiters are responsible for daily services, and are in charge of instructing the waiters in term of work. All waiters have been trained for over 3 months, and are able to receive and serve customers in foreign languages.

3, Quality of Dishes :

 Dishes in clued dinner archaizing that of the Tang Dynasty, dumpling feast, Shaanxi flavors and buffet dinner. In addition, it's able to serve tens of famous fine dishes at any time. It has definite standards of quality and materials, and strictly holds the gross profit. So dishes are of correct materials, and their qualities qualify the prices. The dishes are of fine color, fragrance, taste and form, and it's granted as qualified to the nourishment and health standard by the health department.

4, Service Quality : There are perfect service system and procedures in the show place. 2 orderly managers at the front stage of the hall are responsible to deal with what customers asked at any time. There are special boys welcoming and seeing off customers. Waiters in novel uniforms have elegant manners, and they are polite and enlightened. And they speak Putonghua, as well as foreign languages. At least one server is prepared for each table, who can serve skillfully and knows all our styles and characteristics.

5, Price Management : Professional price controllers are prepared for food, drinks and beverages. Definite price management system has been made. Accounting and dish material standards are also set down. All food and raw materials are priced definitely.

6, Security and Health : Communication facilities are equipped such as direct dial telephones, and there are lighting, water, electricity and fire facilities. As for environmental sanitation, we strictly carry on "Food and Health Law of People's Republic of China" and sanitation "Five Four" system. On each floor, fully automatic smoke sense alarming and fire monitor systems are prepared, so its fire facilities are perfect. We have sanitation license, and we have strict regulations, operation procedures, working standard, encouragement and punishment evaluation methods about security management and security operation.