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The Song of Everlasting Sorrow performance

Dream Xian
Everything here is about the real xi'an that you want to see!

This  show are related to the love story of Yang Guifei and Tang Xuanzong in Tang Dynasty.Why it's  so  famous,not only  becuse of this beautiful girl,but  also about  their love  story.The  poem in below wll  give  a an  imagination!

                         Song of an Everlasting Regret
                         Bai Juyi [Tang Dynasty]
  The amorous Tang emperor2 looked for a unique beauty,
  He failed after many years’ search of the whole country.
  There was a girl who’d just grown up in the Yang family,
  The girl stayed all day long in her bower, without company.
  She could not hide from the world as she was born pretty,
  So she was chosen the first lady3 of his quickly.
  When she smiled she was an extremely charming female,
  By comparison, all other bower maids became pale.
  On a cold vernal day she was led to the royal hot spring4,
  Where her complexion washed was like white jade shining.
  She was feeble when other maids helped her out of the water,
  This was the first time she enjoyed the emperor’s favour.
  She dressed in the most graceful style of a woman,
  She spent spring nights with him inside the splendid curtain.
  When the sun rose high they complained the nights were too short,
  After that the emperor seldom went to his office at court.
  Thus favored, she was busy staying with him at each party,
  In bed and on spring outing she was his constant company.
  There were three thousand in the harem serving the throne,
  He gave his favor to none else but her alone.
  Her kinsfolk were granted fiefdoms of high position,
  All her family rose to the peerage without question.
  Lady Yang lived in a golden house to serve him at night hours,
  They two enjoyed spring dinner parties in jade-like towers.
  Her story convinced all the parents across the country,
  It’s better to bring daughters than sons to a family.
  The palace on Mount Li was cloud-kissing high,
  From which leisurely music floated far and nigh.
  In harmony were the dulcet songs and light dancing,
  The sovereign was made happy from morning till evening.
  Then the An Lushan Rebellion5 came forth like thunder,
  Waking the emperor from his dreams of pleasure.
  A long procession was hurried from the capital Chang’an,
  A stream of steeds and wagons fleeing southwest to Sichuan.
  At a place thirty miles from the west gate of the royal city,
  The green feather-woven flag waved and stopped marching.
  Officers and soldiers demanded to kill the First Lady,
  Then before his horse a famous beauty met her death, bleeding.
  All her ornaments were scattered on the ground,
  Which were as costly in the world as could be found.
  Of no help for her, the sovereign covered his face, weeping,
  He turned round, his tears and her blood streaming.
  The yellow dust rose like a curtain, the cold wind howling,
  A cloud-kissing mountain path led them onward, zigzagging.
  At the foot of the mountain6 few travelers could be seen,
  In the dim evening sunlight the royal banners lacked sheen.
  Facing the mountains and rivers in Sichuan that were green,
  For her death the wise emperor’s sorrow was all day keen.
  At the temporal palace the moon shone cold on his curtain,
  At the sound of the night rain against bells he felt heart-broken.
  In the royal carriage he returned when the situation did improve,
  But at the sight of her grave he hesitated to move.
  In the earth of the Mawei Slope7 on which she died,
  He could see his first lady no more but only sighed.
  He and his men looked at each other, tearfully laden,
  They rode east towards the capital, looking crestfallen.
  The palaces and parklands—all remained the same as before,
  As did the royal lotus and willows at court he saw.
  The lotus was like her face, the leaves her eyebrows, but lifeless,
  How could he stop his tears from streaming at the sight of this?
  The vernal breeze blows when peach and pear trees are blooming,
  The autumn rain patters when parasol leaves are falling.
  The Taiji and Xingping palaces were profuse with weeds wanton,
  The unswept steps were all covered with red leaves fallen.
  The royal musicians and songsters began to grow hair white,
  So did the bower maids who were kept busy day and night.
  He felt sad when he saw glowworms fly in the evening hall,
  When the lone lamp burnt off he couldn’t sleep at all.
  The night seemed long when he heard the bell tower tolling,
  He watched the bright Milky Way till next morning.
  Years had past since she died and merciless time seemed in flight,
  Her ghost had never come to haunt his dreams at night.
  On paired tiles8 of the roof a heavy frost descending,
  Could his Lady come and share the cold quilt with him, sleeping?
  A Taoist priest came to visit Chang’an as a guest,
  Who was believed able to wake up a soul laid at rest.
  Feeling sorry for the emperor sleepless at night,
  The priest searched everywhere for her soul with all his might.
  Flying above the clouds at a speed fast like lightning,
  Up in the heaven and down on the earth he did the soul searching.
  Up to the sky and down underground as he could go,
  But in neither place could he find her shadow.
  News came sudden of a fairyland at sea far away,
  Which was aerial, like a castle in the air misty.
  Colorful clouds enveloping the splendid housing all day,
  Upon this land there lives many a fairy.
  Of whom one, called Taizhen, was extremely pretty,
  All of her was beauty, just like the first lady.
  He knocked at the jade gate of the West Gold Chamber,
  And asked one servant girl to report it to another.
  Hearing the coming of an envoy of the Tang sovereign,
  She woke from her dream inside her embroidered curtain.
  Pushing the pillow aside, she dressed up and came over.
  The pearl door curtain and silver screen were pushed open,
  Her hair undressed, she seemed just awake from her slumber.
  Her corona dressed askew, she came to my reception.
  Her sleeves in the breeze were waving gently,
  As if she were still dancing for his majesty.
  Down her pretty face were lonely tears quickly streaming,
  As if a branch of pear flowers were wet with rain in spring.
  Her eyes showed profound gratitude to the sovereign,
  There was no message passed due to separation.
  The love they established in the palace ceased to be,
  Life in the fairyland lasts as long as time can see.
  She overlooked the mortal world where the first lady she’d been,
  She could not see Chang’an but a foggy, dusty scene.
  She had the old gifts sent to her sweetheart, still living,
  A gold pin and a box here to express her profound feeling.
  To herself for memory, half of the gifts she kept,
  And to the emperor, her sweetheart, half were left.
  If a love on either side is felt true at heart,
  They shall unite some day, however far apart.
  On parting she entrusted a message sent by the envoy,
  Which contained a pledge known only to her and his majesty.
  In the Hall of Longevity9 on the seventh10 of the seventh month lunar,
  At midnight about their love affairs they would secretly whisper.
  They in the sky wished to be paired birds that fly wing to wing,
  They on earth wished to be twin branches together growing.
  Time and space might come to an end some day,
  This lingering regret would last for aye

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