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2 Days Huxian country - Farmer's painting Tour

Tour Code: XAU-02
Departure: Daily
Tour Type: Private
Attraction: Huxian Country, Hancun village
Highlight: You'll pay a special visit to obtain some experience from the farmers who were painters there, and to learn from them. You can learn at least one kind of farmer's painting after ending your tour.
B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner
Day by day itinerary:
Day01:  Transfer  to  Huxian  County after breakfast, arrive at Hancun Village after 1 hour's travel, visit Pan Xiaoling's Gallery, talk to her, watch the making of the handicrafts,learn to painting by yourself  and  learn how  to  make  papercuts, lunch & dinner  have  the local flavors, today  live  in  local  famer's  home.
Huxian County is located on the southwest outskirt of Xi'an in Northwest China's Shaanxi Province, Picturesque in nature, the local people in Huxian have kept up the fine tradition of drawing the dynamic scenes of their daily life. Due to their outstanding achievements in developing this folk art since 1950s, the state Ministry of Culture in 1988 awarded the region the honorary title of "a Village of Chinese Modern Folk Painting."
    The farmers'paintings of Huxian County are colorful and simple, the countryside features and farmland scenery, which are true to life, vividly show their love to life and art, definitely the masterpiece of Chinese folk arts. After visiting Pan Xiaoling's Gallery, you are welcome to watch the making of the handicrafts and shadow puppet show as well as enjoy the local flavors.
Day02:   Transfer  you  back  to  your  hotel  in  Xi'an  after  have  the  local famer's  breakfast. tour  finish.

Price include:
Private  car  and  English  speaking  tourguide
1 nights  expense  live  in  the  local  famer's home
2  chinese  local  flavor (lunch/dinner)
Price exclude:
Tips  for the tour guide  and  driver.
Expense  have  nor  mentioned above:the  cost of  buy  famer's painting.
1)Please  contact  us  before  you  want  to  take  this  tour to  confirm  the  price  again.
2)You  can  have  this itinerary  with  the  other  lines of  Xi'an  together.

The Farmers ' Painting in Huxian County  
Emperor Qin's terra-cotta warriors and horses, the Big Geese Pagoda, The Forest of Steles and the imposing ancient City Wall in the ancient capital Xi'an, China, are well-noted. 38 kilometers southwest of Xi'an, a small county, with its gorgeous farmers' painting art, adds extraordinary splendor to the ancient capital, and it is Huxian County, which is named as "Home of Chinese Modern Folk Painting" by the state Ministry of Culture.     

Huxian County, with a population of only 500,000, has been commonly known as "Home of Painting", not only for the place has a picturesque landscape, but everyone there loves painting and most of the painters are farmers. These farmers have stepped out of Xi'an, as well China, to the world.

At the mention of farmer, what people maybe call to mind is the well-known painting Father (drawn by Lou Lizhong a distinguished painter) -- an image of suntanned face and a pair of hands ,dry, split and rough, but hardly anything in connection with the art of painting. You can really catch the charm of the farmers'  painting and appreciate the demeanor of those farmer painters in Huxian County until you have a look at the paintings yourself. 

The representatives of Huxian farmers'  painting are Li Fenglan, Liu Zhide, Luo Zhijian, as well as Fan Zhihua, Liu Zhigui, Wang jinglong and other farmer painters. And relatively professional farmer painters like them are over 2 000. They, on one hand, hold hoes, and on the other hand, they brush out beautiful pictures filled with rural flavor and vitality.  

Developing from traditional paper-cut, embroidery and other folk arts, the farmer's painting in Huxian County, long-lasting, has come out with a great number of fine works in the last 50 years. The total works add up to 30,000, among which, 1500 pieces of works have been published in periodicals of the state level, 428 have gained reward in exhibitions of fine arts in the mainland, 4 500 have been selected to show to 48 nations and regions, and over 18, 700 pieces of works have been collected by international friends and in overseas museums. 

The expression techniques of the Huxian County farmers'  painting bear an obvious local trace. Bright red and purple take a predominant place in the works of Huxian County farmers'  painting; and peculiar and exaggerated in depiction, the works possess profound implication; they are concise and lively in style. The picturesque landscape, lifelike life in the rural area, grand scenes of working and the scenes of joyful festival celebrations are all covered, fully reflecting the characteristics of the modern folk art. Not only are their hands employed in their painting, but also their hearts. The design, sculpting and color all symbolize abundant cultural contents, brim with the taste of modern art, and possess high academic and collective value.

In the past twenty years the number of paintings that have received awards, been collected by art galleries and museums (both at home and abroad), and purchased by international visitors, has increased greatly. Their works have been exhibited in more than sixty countries. Fifteen painters have been invited as cultural envoys to visit and provide demonstrations and lectures in foreign countries.

Among more than ten painting groups in our country, Huxian is outstanding. The creation of Huxian folk arts, including paintings by the farmers, still has a long way to go. The artists should internalize experiences continually, observe the strengths of other painters' groups, learn from them and explore their way forward. They should be practical, try to meet the needs of the tourist market, and apart from appreciating the monetary value of the paintings, should try to satisfy the requirements of people at home and abroad for aesthetic standards. Gradually they should grow mature. The farmers' paintings, like wine, should be mellow, refreshing, sweet, fragrant and delicious.