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   Gao Grand Courtyard

Ancient - Styled Folk House At No.144 Of Bei Yuan Men

  The former residence of Gao Yue Song is ocatesd at No.144 of Bei Yuan Men Xi'an. The whole yard covers an area of 4.2 acres with a building area of 2517 m2. In total, there are 86 rooms of which only 56 rooms are open to public. It is mainly a brick and wood structure. Gao Yue Song was born in Zhen Jiang, Jiangsu Province. In the loth year of emperor Tong Zhi,Qing Dynasty, he took the imperial examination and placed second. From the 14th year of emperor Chong Zhen, Ming Dynasty to the tenth year of emperor Tong Zhi, Qing Dynasty, all seven generations of the Gao family got official positions in the royal palace.

  In 1966, the government confiscated the residence. It was listed as a "key projecr of sino-Norway Historical Districts Protection" in 1999. Invested in by Norway and headed by Mr. Zhang Xi Yuan, the residence was thoroughly repaired, and won the "Prize four cultural Heritage Protection in Asian-pacific Area of UNESO" in 2002. In 2003, the art department of Xi'an Traditonal Chinese Painting Institute took charge of renovation for the residence. It was assigned as the teaching base for the Architecture Department of Norway Trondheim University and postgraduate of Xi'an Architecture & Technology University, and as the research base for the Institute of Famous Historical and Culture City Research of Chang an University.

  The main contents involve: architecture of Ming and Qing Dynasties, old furniture, "couplet culture" of traditonal folk residences, brick carving, tea house, pottery making, paper-cuttings, shadow show, performance of Zheng, calligraphy and paintings by famouse people, elaborate works of traditonal Chinese painting, old photos, pottery and porcelain, typical Shaan Xi style toursts souvenirs and so on.


  At present in our country compared with the famous Gu Min center, the Qing Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty later buildings are, and Gao compound 's main building is the Ming Dynasty, the value of existing ancient dwellings; mostly from the modern city, as a compound that is located in Gao bustling downtown is not much, this two value. Tourism project life is a personality. Gao Shanxi the Wangs Courtyard compound did not quality, not the Jiangnan Zhouzhuang exquisite realistic, but Gao Xi'an city compound is a compound with families of officials, spanning 400 years and moving story, is worth in the" family" culture on the. According to this train of thought, Gao compound designed to show Shaanxi Guanzhong people living personality" home" to the development of. The tourists went into the house, can produce across time and space, to hundreds of years ago neighbor called intimacy. Since it is a " home", not only let visitors from photographs, home furnishing furnishings can feel, there must be a living man, living things, living life. Therefore, besides the general residential architectural style common to visit, house pattern and furnishings, Gao compound tourism projects with participation of all. The ancient city of Xi'an profound culture, calligraphy and painting market transactions very active. The compound also has a studio Gao, but Gao compound Book studio main purpose is not to trade, but to create a family of scholar of the atmosphere. This book studio is located in the south wing of a hospital 's two floor, painting is some students of Academy of Fine Arts. Visitors if desired, can also be in the student guidance Huibi painting. The compound was also invested tens of 10 thousand yuan set up patriotic and loyal to the throne room, only clothing will invest about 100000 yuan. Visitors can not only put on the clothing pictures, as an independent tourism project, the photographer can also be in hospital an arbitrarily selected scene shooting set Antique Photo series. The developers also on the staff of language, etiquette training, every important activities, festivals, all the staff wore antique clothing, to the "home" of different identity, let the entire compound back to Ming Dynasty Qing Dynasty or a particular time specific scene.

The courtyard buildings have exhibitions of period furniture, paintings, pottery, porcelain, photos and demonstrations of folk art, including a shadow puppet play with traditional music.Many rooms are opened for your pleasure. if you love classic Chinese structures=then this is the pace for you. Enjoy!

Gao Grand Courtyard Travel Information:
  Open Time: Daily, 8:30am - 20:00pm
  Ticket Price: RMB25 yuan per adult ($3USD)  
 RMB15yuan per child ($2 USD) 

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