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Yombulagang Palace

In Nedong County, eight kilometers to the south of Zetang Town, it is the first palace in Tibetan history. It was said that the palace was built in the second century B.C. by the first king Nyatri Tsanpo. It houses the statues of the three-world Buddhas and Tsanpos of various historical stages including Nyatri Tsanpo, Lhatu Turi Niantsan, Rabajin, Songtsan Gambo and Trisong Detsen.

The palaces said to have been built specially for the first Tibetan king, Nyetri Tsanpo who was believed descending from the heaven in the 2nd B.C. The legend says that the first Tibetan scripture and some other religious objects landed here from the heaven during the reign of the 28th king Lhatotorinyetsan. These legends really fascinate a lot of people from home and abroad.