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Namtso Lake

Any traveler visiting Tibet should not miss the touching beauty of Namtso Lake in Dangxiong County of the Lhasa City. In Tibetan, Namsto means "Heavenly Lake". The water here is a storybook crystal-clear blue. Clean sky joins the surface of the lake in the distance, creating an integrated, scenic vista. Natural wildlife -- animals, birds and fish -- is a summer attraction. The lake freezes in October and melts in May, producing thunderous sounds.

In Tibetan Buddhism, Namsto Lake is considered the head of the three holy lakes. Pilgrims believe that, in Tibetan year of the sheep, they could acquire infinite virtues and profound wisdom by circling the lake once and circling the Duoqiong Island for 12 times. Soul of every visitor visiting here could undoubtedly be cleansed by the pure lake water.

Nam Co Lake is one of Tibet's three major gods, but also the well-known Tibetan Buddhist sites, which means days lake. Legend has it here is the Tantric Zunsheng Lok King Kong's Dojo, for his followers to respect its one of the four major Weimeng Lake. Nam Co Lake days of the pure, serene is the symbol of the plateau, she is the beauty of every traveler should not be missed. 
Nam Co Lake is the goddess of days, Legend has it, Nam Co is the water in the kitchen Suitengumae Royal Qiongjiangyuye, is a perfect Suitengumae Goddess of the Baojing. Another said, a hard-working Munv night in the beautiful dream by God's will, they came to the edge of Nam Co, to see rising from the lake and a beautiful woman, she said: April 15 to Pusu Long to Take your kids. Later, a really Lingyan.

Nam Co Dangxiong Xian in the city of Lhasa and Nagqu County in Bangor between. It Yiwei the northern side of the rolling hills of the plateau, south-east is 7,111 meters above sea level, nival the Hill, the main peak, the endless vast grasslands in the water surrounding the start. 

    Nam Co is the Tertiary and Quaternary at the end of the beginning of the Himalayas and the formation of the Movement Depression giant lake, due to the Tibetan plateau climate is becoming drier, Nam Co area much reduced. The existing lines are ancient lake-3, a maximum distance of the lake is now about 80 meters, that was the extent of Nam Co. 

     Nam Co lake 4,718 meters above sea level, from the lake to the east coast of the West Bank over 70 km in length, width from the south coast to the north shore of over 30 km and a total area of over 1,900 square km and is the world’s highest altitude of lagoons, but also in China The second largest lagoon, the water depths of over 33 meters. Nam Co Lake on  Hill, the melting snow after the replenishment, Yanhu into many small streams, the lake surrounded by sparkling clear, dark blue lake, water days Integration, seamless. Each person who has been here all seem to be the soul of pure water washing. 

    Lake in the five islands, the largest of the lot area of 1.2 square km island. Buddhist legend they are five parties are the incarnation of Buddha. Where to God Lake Chaofojingxiang, sincere homage. There are also five Peninsula convex from different directions into the waters, Tashi is the largest peninsula. Travel here is usually the most favorite spots. Qixingguaizhuang many of the island's caves, Fenza numerous forest of stone pillars and singular Shifeng, Guaishi rugged, exotic and colorful. Clockwise around the island one week, probably around two hours. If clockwise to the island, then quickly returned to the hotel where can see more than 100 meters long Mani wall. 

      Lakeside plain good forage, is the natural pasture. Whenever the early summer, flocks of wild ducks flying breeding habitat. Around the lake often bears, wild yak, wild ass, Blue Sheep, and other wild animals dwelling, the lake abounds in the plateau of fish without scales and Xilin fish, the Great Lakes region also producing Chinese caterpillar fungus, Xuelian, Fritillaria, and other valuable medicines. 

     12 end of the century, Tibetan Buddhism Dalong Ga cite camp founder Dalong Tong, Bazhaxibei, and other senior monks had been to Lake Tantric to attend law. Legend of followers, each Year of the Goat, Zhufo, Buddha, God will be set in law enforcement is satisfied that Muk Wu established altar, Tai Hing Law, if people went to worship at this time to a lake chanted Buddhist scripts, the Wuliang good, better than usual in the ceremony to the lake and chant Buddhist scripts. 100,000 times. So each to the Year of the Goat, monks and laymen believers will not hesitate to travel long distances, to turn the lake. Every Tibetan Year of the April 15, the climax of this activity. 


  • Lhasa has been in the best adapted to the 3-5 days, or not to Nam Co. Many visitors to the rapid increase of 1,100 metres of Stubbs not enough attention had on the night of the lake will have basic altitude reaction.  
  •  Nam Co in the north of Lhasa, 190 Qian Michu. Car is the first stop 162 km away from Lhasa, the Dangxiong Xian, and then to the Great Lakes region to 40 km, and 5,150 meters above sea level to the satisfaction of the Yamaguchi-Gen. Even in the warm season, satisfied that the root Yamaguchi great wind and low temperature. The road is not very good uphill walk, after a mountain road after a period of relatively trouble in the rainy season will be a swamp.  
  •  If you do not request, some of the tours will only drivers to drive to the mountains near satisfied that the root of the lake. You must Nam Co to Da Zhaxi Peninsula, absolutely do not think that as long as the root down the mountain to the satisfaction of the lake on the matter. 
  • If bad weather, such as rain or snow, I suggest you not to Nam Co, Yamaguchi satisfied that the root may be heavy snow, and the Nam Co Lake Road are also particularly vulnerable to depression. 
  • Some travelers also hope that the walk to the Nam Co. Due to the high altitude, will be very hard, but also to bring sufficient supplies, tents, sleeping bags and other equipment. Nam Co is a lagoon, but the water is not particularly salty, or burned or filtered can also drink. 
  • Although a long time ago can proceed from Lhasa, Nam Co, and then rush to see a return to Lhasa immediately, but most travelers would choose a night of the lake, often living in the Zhaxi Peninsula. Tashi above a temple and some shabby hotels and restaurants. Nam Co is very cold at night, attention should be paid to keep warm. Tashi Peninsula is not power, several housing for accommodation, but there is no running water, just darkness at the time of the moment - may be. All rooms can live together at the most 40 a few people, if just more tourists, I am afraid there will be trouble. If less than the rent, had to ride in open-air tent, so the best travel season Ganzao to Da Zhaxi Peninsula, and a good rent rooms as soon as possible. To bring their own camping equipment is also a good solution. 
  • Tashi Peninsula Below is the Nam Co Lake beautiful curved lines, sooner or later when the beautiful.

Getting there: There are no direct buses to Namtso Lake. The best way is to hire a taxi or a mini bus from Lhasa.
Note: The sea level is 1100 meters (about 1203 yards) higher than that of Lhasa, therefore please bring lots of water and don't over-exert yourself

Admission Fee: CNY 80