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Chengdu City One day tour

Tour Code: CDT08
Departure: Daily
Tour Type: Private
Attraction:  Wangjian's Tomb,Dufu's Thatched Cottage,Temple of Marquis Wu
This tour will take you to know the ancient history and culture background of chengdu city. Highlights include Wuhou temple, Thatched Cottage of Du Fu, Qingyang Daosim Palace, Wensu buddish Monastery. Today you still have a chance to taste the local Sichuan snacks and the delicious Wenshu Vegetarian food.

Day01:Full day visiting.
Place & Transport:
Qingyang palace & Auto
Today's Activities:
Morning :Leave your hotel about 8:30 in the morning for Or we will go to visit Qingyang palace which is a Taoist temple with a history of more than 1,000 years, then we visit Dufu's Thatched Cottage, the original residential house of Dufu, one of the most famous poets during China's Tang Dynasty. Ancient-titled street-Qintai street. Visit traditional Chinese tea skill performance or Sichuan Embroidery Factory to see the handicraft of Sichuan silk. Go to a local Sichuan restaurant to have a taste of Sichuan snacks.
Qingyang Temple is home to the biggest Taoist temple in Chengdu, the Green goat Temple (Qingyang gong). This is an active temple and it is VERY colorful.a famed Taoist temple in China The Qingyang Temple, a famed Taoist temple in China, is in the beautiful and cultural relic laden city Chengdu. It is in the west of the city on the bank of the Jinjiang River.
Du Fu's Thatched Cottage Du Fu's Thatched Cottage (Dufu caotang) is the quaint former residence of one of China's most famous poets. Du Fu (712-70 AD) left home at the tender age of 20, becoming a court official at the former capital in Chang'an (near Xi'an)

In the afternoon, we will visit the Temple of Marquis Wu, a shrine to memorize Zhugeliang, the premier of Shu kingdom during China's Three Kingdom period. Visit Jinli street, a street features west Sichuan province custom.
Jingli Street Chengdu is a city brimming with a strong leisurely ambience. Jinli Street, located to the east of the Wuhou Memorial Temple of Chengdu (the most famous Three Kingdoms period (220 - 280) relic museum in China) is particularly representative of this city. It is recorded that as early as the Qin Dynasty (221 BC - 206 BC), Jinli Street was the most famous place for baldachin - a rich, ornate cloth. And it was one of the busiest commercial streets during the Shu Kingdom (221-263).

During the evening, you are strongly recommended to watch the show of Sichuan opera and you can appreciate the unique skills of local arts such as puppet show, hand shadow show and so on. You can contact us for tickets with the best price .

Before the show, you can have your dinner at the restaurant in Chunxi street or Jinli street
Join the FIT group tour Quotation:

 Your Group Size




 Price (per person)



 RMB 698


Depart Schedule:
Joint groups available everyday in the morning, private groups leave any time you are convenient.


1.Vehicle: Joint groups offer Air-conditioned buses. Private groups offer cars, vans or other vehicles according to the group size.
2. Meal: Only lunch is included.
3. Entrance fee: Either Wangjian's tomb or Green Ram palace, Dufu's Thatched Cottage, Temple of Marquis Wu.
4. Tour guide: Joint groups offer Chinese-speaking tour guides. For private groups we can offer English-speaking tour guides but extra fee should be paid.

1.Travel Insurance.
2.Sichuan opera show.
3.Your personal expenses ,such as shopping.
4.Breakfast and dinner