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Trekking on Sichuan-Tibet Road

Tour Code: CDT13
Departure: Daily
Tour Type: Private
Attraction: Our trekking begins and ends in Chengdu, panda country and paradise of gourmet. We travel in a circle around the best of West China. Discover spectacularly primitive places few tourists visit. Accommodate in local residences or tents with an experience of wild flavor. Exchange ideas with locals and cook by ourselves in an open kitchen. You can have a once-in-a-life-time travel experience.

Day and day itinerary:(D)
Day 1: Arrive in Chengdu.
Place & Transport:
chengdu & Flight
Today's Activities:
Arrive Chengdu, the bustling queen city of West China and capital city of Sichuan Province. Transfer to the hotel. This evening celebrate your arrival with a
Sichuan Food dinner. As an option, see a wonderful performance of "Face changing "and "Flame Spitting -Out"of Sichuan Opera.
Overnight in Chengdu
Accommodations: Prime Hotel, Chengdu (3 star)
Tel:0086-28-86666168 Fax:0086-28-86665888
Add8 Zongfu Street,Chengdu

Day 2: Siguniang(four maiden)& Danba(BLD)
Place & Transport:
Mt.siguniang & Hike
Today's Activities:We'll travel through the largest area for protection of giant pandas,
Wolong Reserve. Marvel at Tibetan People's sacred mountain, Balang Mountain with an elevation of 14784 feet above sea level. Optional tour of Four Girls Mountain,famed as "Oriental Alps". Afternoon arrival of Danba, a town featuring Tibetan traditions.Explore Jiaju , a traditionally spectacular village that distinguishes from other one with supernatural beauty. Here, we'll have opportunities for tasting non-polluted bacon, butter tea, highland barley wine, mushroom and yak beef. Evening bonfire party will be attended with Tibetan locals and us. Overnight in Local Residence or tents

Accommodations: Local Residence's House in Jiajv Village, Danba

Day 3: Tangling (BLD)
Place & Transport:
Tangling & Trekking
Today's Activities:With fresh air and wild flowers, head for Tangling Village, honored as the Garden of Edan. At noon,arrive Shouhuhe(Guarding River) where we'll stard our 18-km trekking . Well, the most virginal sceneries will feast us. With our leader, we'll finish our camping and preparing for our meals by picking wild vegetables or mushrooms.)

Accommodations: Local Residence's House in Shouhuhe

Day 4: Huluhai(calabash Lake) (BLD)
Place & Transport:
Hulunhai & Auto
Today's Activities:Today we'll depart for Huluhai(calabash Lake) . Enjoy awesome views of scrub vegetations and herding horses. Possibly wild monkeys can say hello to us. Here, Huluhai can make us walk in fairyland and it offers us unique views in Cretaceous Period. Head back to our camping site. Trek to No.3 Hot Spring Site. We'll do some cooking here by showing our cooking skills. Also,enjoy a barbecue of mutton if possible.

Accommodations: Local Residence's House in Huluhai

Day 5: Danba  (BLD)
Place & Transport:
Danba & Trekking
Today's Activities:Trek back to
Danba(or you can have a challenge of conquering Charsjin Mountain with an elevation of 19140 feet). Grasp chances to purchase local produces. Time permits, explore Beauty Valley and traditional towers, known as Oriental Pyramids. Overnight in Danba

Accommodations: Local Residence's House in Jiajv Village, Danba

Day 6: Transfer to Yajiang (BLD)
Place & Transport:
Yajiang & Auto
Today's Activities:Morning departure for Yajiang. Today we will marvel at Donggu Bonsai and amazing views of endless Bamei Grassland. Photograph awesome sceneries at Xinduqiao,paradise of photographers. We'll conquer the 13,000-foot Gaer Mountain.
Overnight in Yajiang

Accommodations: Local Residence's House in Yajiang

Day 7: Transfer to Riwa  (BLD)
Place & Transport:
Riwa & Trekking
Today's Activities:Depart Yajiang for Riwa(Shangri-La Town). Traveling up 13,000-foot Jianziwan and Kazila Mountains, arrive Litang, the highest town in the world. Nice views of Litang Grassland and Daocheng Grassland will feast your eyes. Marvel at remarkable beauty of Kazila Mountain and grandure of Sichuan-Tibet Road.Arrive Riwa.
Overnight in Riwa.

Accommodations: Local Residence's House in Riwa

Day 8: Yading & Daocheng   (BLD)
Place & Transport:
Yading village & Trekking
Today's Activities:Explore Yading Village. Discover Shangri-La. Transfer to horseback to Chonggu Monastery. Sceneries of Xiannairi(Goddess of Mercy) and Yangmaiyong(Manjusri,God of Wisdom) , sacred mountains of Tibetans, will make you intoxicated. After picnic lunch , return to Daocheng.
Overnight in Daocheng.

Accommodations: Local Residence's House in Daocheng

Day 9: Khamding (BLD)
Place & Transport:
Khangding & Auto
Today's Activities:Head for Khangding. Late afternoon arrival of Khangding, a spectacular Tibetan town and China's love song country, famed for China's popular folk song"Kham(Khangding) Love Expression". And , discover Kham(Khangding) , very important hub to Tibet, is also a bright pearl set on Sichuan-Tibet Road. Here , men and women are very friendly and hospitable. Especially , Khangpa Men have got their special honor ---Khangpa Hanzi(brave men). Tibetan girls are very good at singing in antiphonal way. If you sing better that way,you could be a Tibetan son-in-law. This evening , enjoy a Tibetan folk custom show.    Overnight in Khangding

Accommodations: Local Residence's House in Khangding

Day 10: Chengdu (BLD)
Place & Transport:
Chengdu & Auto
Today's Activities:Journey back to Chengdu. En route, see Luding, the town noted for Long March. Enjoy walking tour of Luding Suspension Bridge , an old original site of world famous Long March , where the battle happened between the Red Army and Kuomingtang Army on May 26--30,1935. Also visit the Red Army Museum.                                                                       Overnight in Chengdu

Accommodations: Prime Hotel, Chengdu (3 star)
Tel:0086-28-86666168 Fax:0086-28-86665888
Add8 Zongfu Street,Chengdu

Day 11: Chengdu (B)
Place & Transport:
Chengdu & Auto
Today's Activities:All day free for personal interests.Overnight in Chengdu

Accommodations: Prime Hotel, Chengdu (3 star)
Tel:0086-28-86666168 Fax:0086-28-86665888
Add8 Zongfu Street,Chengdu

Day 12: Your departure from Chengdu  (B)
Place & Transport:
chengdu & Flight
Today's Activities:Finish your wonder journey with an happy ending.

Prices in USD (1:7)

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 3 star





 4 star


The above price is just for your information only! There are fluctuations in the hotels of different seasons. Please ask the exact price firstly when you want to book the tour!

This trip price includes:

  1. English-speaking guide
  2. sleeping bags and tents
  3. land transport
  4. all meals as listed
  5. entrance fee and accommodations

The trip price does not include:

  1. Any meals which are not included in the "The trip price includes."
    Single Room Supplements (as the above quotation for accommodation is based on twin sharing room).
  2. International air and train tickets for coming to & leaving mainland China. Air tickets or train tickets not specified in the itinerary on the first arrival day and last departure day.
  3. Excess Baggage Charges.
  4. Personal expenses: Items of a purely personal nature such as drinks, laundry, tips to guides or drivers, FAX, telephone, excess baggage charges, or sightseeing or meals which are not included in the day-to-day itinerary.
    Insurance coverage of personal loss, illness or damages incurred during your trip.
  5. Gratuities, Tips to Guides and Drivers.
  6. Visa fees

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