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Urban Planning Exhibition Hall

The Shanghai Urban planning exhibition hall is located on Renmin Square (People Square). It covers an area of over 0.4 hectare and rises 142 feet high. There are five floors above the ground and two underground. It opened to the public in 2000.

This hall was built to show the achievement of Shanghai city planning and construction. It has many functions, such as exhibition, reference, research, communication, recreation and entertainment. The main body of the building covers Shanghai's development from ancient times to the present and beyond. The theme of this building is "City, People, Environment and Development". There is a city model made to a scale of 1/500. The appearance of old Shanghai streets in the 1930s reminds people to think of the old passing days in Shanghai. The view of a future Shanghai is presented with high technology such as virtual reality and fantasy-view magic vision. The big city planning lifelike model displays for you the Shanghai vista of the future.

Filmmakers and science-fiction writers have imagined it, but if you want to see what a city of the future is really going to look like, take yourself over to this museum on the eastern end of People's Square. Housed in a striking modern five-story building made of microlite glass, this is one of the world's largest showcases of urban development and is much more interesting than its dry name suggests. The highlight is on the third floor: an awesome vast scale model of urban Shanghai as it will look in 2020, a master plan full of endless skyscrapers punctuated occasionally by patches of green. The clear plastic models indicate structures yet to be built, and there are many of them. Beleaguered Shanghai residents wondering if their current cramped downtown houses will survive the bulldozer (chances are not good) need only look here for the answer. The fourth floor also offers displays on proposed forms of future transportation, including magnetic levitation (maglev), subway, and light-rail trains that are going to change even the face of the Bund. The rest of the building includes a U-shaped mezzanine with photographic exhibits of colonial and contemporary Shanghai, a temporary exhibit hall on the second floor, and a cafe and art gallery on the fifth. There are restaurants and retail outlets crafted in the style of 1930s Shanghai on the underground level that connects to the Metro. The museum is well worth an hour of your time.

How to Get There
The Urban Planning Exhibition Hall is located on the southeast corner of The People's Square (Renmin Gongyuan, ), and the corner of Renmin Ave (People's Avenue, Renmin Dadao, ) and Central Xizang Road (Xizang Zhong Lu,).

Admission Fee:

CNY 30

Opening Hours:

09:00-17:00 (Monday to Thursday, the ticket selling stops at 16:00)
09:00-18:00 (Friday to Sunday, the ticket selling stops at 17:00)

Bus Route: No. 46, 49,123…and Subway line 1 and subway line 2