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Hangzhou Zoo

Hangzhou Zoo was founded in 1968 and newly built in October, 1975. It covers an area of 20 hectares, with Pupaomeng Spring, Pagoda of Six Harmonies, Fish Wonder at Huagang Crook and Taiziwan Park in the south, and Flying Clouds over Jade Emperor Hill standing opposite at a distance. The park is a comprehensive zoo with mountain forest style integrating animal protection, scientific research, popular science, education and sightseeing.
More than 200 kinds of animals are kept here including the national treasure in Chin--Panda, the world’s tallest animal—giraffe, the biggest mammal on land—elephant, the biggest bird—African ostrich, the biggest serpentry—boa and other precious animals like golden monkey, chimpanzee, hylobates leucogenys, lemur catta, squirrel monkey, manchurian tiger, African Lion, Yangtze alligator, turtle and so on.




The zoo has a good selection of different species; most of the big African game is there as is the ubiquitous Chinese panda, wading birds, monkeys, reptiles, various canines, herbivores and some sealife.

       Walking around the zoo is a pleasure in itself, due to it position the whole area’s very green and the landscapers have tried and largely succeeded to make some of the wading bird enclosures as attractive as the birds they house. The pictograph signs dotted around the zoo make it very easy to find the animals you want to see and fortunately the cages are arranged in a logical manner so you don’t find yourself doubling back on yourself to make sure you’ve seen everything.

Some of the enclosures are very large; the wading birds in particular have a comfortable setting. The most depressing sight in the zoo was a stately looking sea turtle dejectedly flopped against the side of its tiny tank. Some of the big cats also had very small cages.

       Although not all the animals looked happy (one of the bears was pacing back and forth in a crazed manner) at least they all looked healthy. The tigers, with their thick fur and pent-up energy, were incredible.

The single worst part of the zoo was the animal performance given by an elephant and two emaciated-looking Siberian tigers in an indoor, wire-fenced, circular pit. People were lining up to sit on the back of the elephant and have their photo taken, which is fair enough, but you still felt very sorry for the animals.

As zoos go, this one is by no means the worse. Sure the enclosures could be larger and the animals living a solitary existence could be given a mate or at least some company, but if you want to see animals roaming the wilds happily then you should go to a safari park (and there’s one just on the outskirts of Hangzhou), not a zoo. For those who fancy an afternoon outdoors at least give a thought to the zoo, it was more fun then I thought.phant show, tiger show, lion show, monkey show, bear show, sea lion show and so on, among which the bear boxing, bear skiing are especially popular by tourists.
In recent yeas, various fruit trees have been planted in the zoo, making it an exquisite zoo full of garden flavor.

Admission fee: RMB 20/adult, RMB 10/child of a height between 1 meter to 1.3 meters, free for children shorter than 1 meter
Opening hours: (May 1 to October 7) 7:00~17:30; (October 8 to April 30) 7:00~17:00
 Transportation :Take the bus No K4, k808, K822, 822, 527, 315, 504, 514

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