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Tianfu Tea Museum

Tianfu Tea Museum is located at Pantuo Tea Culture Town, Zhanpu County, the side of No 324 State highway. Covering a total area of 80 mu, it is open to the public on the seventh of January, 2002.

The Tea Museum consists of four exhibition halls: the main exhibition hall, the Classroom for the Chinese tea art, the hall for Japanese tea and hall of calligraphy and painting. With building area of 3,000 square meters, the main exhibition hall displays the tea culture of the world, the history of Chinese tea development, the procedure of tea processing, tea art and tea-ware, tea poems/paintings, and tea and health. From it, you can not only learn the history of tea culture, but also see the special tea art performances.

The statue of the "Fire seed passed from one generation to another"Standing at the entrance of the temple, the statue is unique in design. It displays an cow pulling a cart with a calf and the old is teaching the young how to work, indicating the tea culture passed from one generation to another.

The classroom of the Chinese tea art: Each day there are 5-6 shows of the tea art and tea courtesy of different Chinese ethnic groups from different dynasties