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Xiamen is a well-known tourist port city in the Southeast coast of China opposite to the west of the Taiwan Straits. It is one of the Cleanest Cities of China, the Garden Cities of China, the National Environmental Protection Model Cities, and the best sightseeing cities in China. Not only being wealthy with travel resources, Xiamen has also temperate weather, fast and convenient transport and communication, and complete travel establishments. All makes Xiamen one of the most suitable cities for investors and tourists in China.

singing birds, fragrant flowers, fresh air and sea breeze give you a joyous sense of carefree comfort. Gulangyu Island Scenic Area Gulangyu Island covers an area of 1.78 square kilometers and stands opposite to Xiamen City across the sea. As one of the country's key scenic areas, the Island is dubbed "Seaside Garden".

Situated at the foot of Wulao Peak on the southern end of Xiamen is the Nanputuo Temple.it is now an imposing multi-layered trapezoidal structure that overlooks the sea. The Shrine of Buddhist Scriptures houses a huge collection of Buddhist cultural relics, including a Burmese jade carving of the Buddha and many important Buddhist literature. It is one of the sacred places of Buddhism in Southern Fujian.

Xiamen University, a dream campus nestled between the sea and the "Five Old Men" mountains, is largely considered to be the most beautiful campus in China.

Hulishan Fortress was built in 1891, occupying an area of 13,000 square meters. It fully reserves the ancient military facilities such as the emplacement, the barracks, the castle, the secret tunnel, the trench, the ammunition depot and the drill ground etc. All its buildings distinctively reserve the military style of the Ming Dynasty and that of the Qing Dynasty besides the construction structure referring to the Europe King Fortresses. It also possesses local characteristics. They East Fortress is still holding a huge cannon made by Krupp Company of Germany. Though it has endured one   
  hundred years of erosion by wind and rain, it is still in good condition. It is the only cannon of the same type being left in the world. It really can be called "King of the Cannon in the World" and is really a precious historical relic.

Anding (Fujian) Tulou is a unique Chinese rammed earth building of the Hakka and other people in the mountainous areas in southwestern Fujian, China and 150KM west far from Xiamen.46 Anding(Fujian) Tulou sites including Chuxi tulou cluster, Tianluokeng tulou cluster, Hekeng tulou cluster, Gaobei tulou cluster, Dadi tulou cluster, Hongkeng tulou cluster, Yangxian lou, Huiyuan lou, Zhengfu lou and Hegui lou have been inscribed in 2008 by UNESCO as World Heritage Site,"as exceptional examples of a building tradition and function exemplifying a particular type of communal living and defensive organization, and, in terms of their harmonious relationship with their environment".     

Located south of Wuyishan City, Fujian Province, with an area of 70 sq. km, the area has what is probably the largest, most typical and best-preserved humid subtropical native forest in the world. It was listed as a biosphere reserve of UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere Program in 1999.The cliffs and waters of Mt. Wuyi are outstanding. The workings of Nature of a typical Danxia landform have left behind 36 peaks, 72 caves, 99 prominent rocks and 108 scenic spots. The  Stream with Nine Turnings is emerald green and crystal clear. The beauty of the mountain and its waters has made Wuyi known as the most attractive mountain in southeast China.

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