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China Guilin Yangshuo Travel Tips

Suggested in Guilin for one or two nights, then the next day do Li River Cruise to get to Yangshuo.
Activities recommended in Guilin, Elephant Hill, Seven Star Park, Reed Flute Cave and lakes. If you like watching the show, do not miss Ethnic Folklore Show and Dreamlike Acobatic Show in the evening, the shows start at around 8pm or you can watch Cormarant Fishing. You can also take a stroll in the Zhengyang Pedestrian in the evening to take some sovenier such Chinese traditional paintings in the ngiht market there. There are many local restaurants around in the center near Sheraton Hotela and Waterfall Hotel, it is nice with reasonable price. The local food in Guilin is famous for steamed mandarin fish of the Lijiang River, red cooked meat slices with Lipu taro covered by bowl, fish cooked in bamboo tube, steamed pork with rice flour wrapped in lotus leaves and Guilin rice noodle etc.
Reccommended hotel in Guilin, Sheraton Hotel and Waterfall Hotel (5*) locates in the center of city, the other one is Royal Garden Hotel locates at Li River side, it is 20 minutes walking distance to the center. Bravo Hotel and Ronghu Lake, Park hotels(4*) are nice hotel with good location near lakes and center.

If you have time and want to have a relaxed holiday, you can stay in Yangshuo for 2 or 3 nights. Beer fish is the most famous food in Yangshuo and you can have a try. You can have nice western food in West Street.
Recommended hotels in Yangshuo, Paradise Hotel, Regency Hotel, Magnolia Hotel are very nice hotel with good location near West Street. If you want to stay out of Yangshuo town, Li River Retreat and Yangshuo Mountain Retreat are nice places for your stay.

Recommend activities in Yangshuo, Liu Sanjie Light and Sound Show, (600 actors and actresses, 500 singers & dancers, bamboo boats and cormorants birds are used in this 70 minute show. it provided a strong backdrop to the hundreds of farmers on bamboo rafts, and floating stages, awash in color and light) If you like adventure, you should explore Water Cave to take muddy bath in the cave, climb up to the Moon Hill to see the panoramic view of countryside. Visit Yolong River and do bamboo rafting in the river , it is very serene and relaxing, it is one of your best memory of your tour in China. Or ride bike to the villages. You can also hire a private for sunrise or sunset tour in Li River.

Useful Tips

1. Guilin still have other scenic spots and activities to do

2. As the booming of tourists, Hotels and restaurants have been developed well to cater kinds of visitors home & abroad so just select the preferred types for accommodations.

3. You don't need to do all the sightseeing around Guilin, you can just tell what you want to see and want to do, then a customized tour can fully satisfy all your requires.

4. There are many craftworks and other funny things suitable for souvenirs, like paper fans, paper umbrella, and things at friendship stores, try to cut prices and be firm; but take care about the antiques sold, most all these are not real.

5. Avoid Oct. 1-7 when you plan a China tour as it is the public holiday in China and visitors will floor all the scenic spots! The best seasons to visit Guilin are spring and autumn, while summer is hot and winter's windy and cool.

6. Choosing reliable China-based travel agents helps you saving money! They have built profound relationship around China for the passing years, and Easy Tour China is one of the best!

7. You can get around the whole city by taxi or bus, but prepare some change and use a Taxi meter if you call for a taxi.

8. You should better not to bar or clubs at night by yourself, ask somebody for companion.

9. Tap water could not drink directly; you can use the pot in the hotel room for heating water
What is it about this place that makes it special
Guilin contains the most magnificent landscape under the heaven, and enjoys high reputation home and abroad for its stunning green mountains and crystal clear waters.

The scenery of Guilin is different from any other places in the world, with limestone rising suddenly into sky like natural skyscrapers. While the city itself is located around the peaks, and some famous peaks even lend themselves to the park, like Camel Hill in the seven Star Park and elephant trunk hill at Elephant Hill Parkā€¦The limestone cliffs on the Karsts Mountains also hold hundreds of little caves with spectacular world of stone pillars, rock formations created by nature or sculptures and paintings made by ancient people. It is very impressive to visit such caves, with Reed Flute Cave the most fantastic spectacle one

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