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heisland of Hainan, the second largest island in China, Hainan, including Iceland, the Xisha Islands, Zhongshan Islands, the Nansha Islands and the region of the South China Sea. The hotel is located at the southern tip of China at the entrance to the street Qiongzhou in northern and Leizhou Peninsula of Guangdong Province, on the other. The climate here is a marine tropical monsoon, making it suitable for tourism throughout the year.

Hainan has tourism resources, including vast coastlines and territorial waters, the beautiful tropical landscape, climate, numerous hot springs, lifestyle unique Miao ethnic group, and several species of animals and plants.

Hainan is a transportation more comfortable. The Haikou and Sanya Phoenix Airport has opened more than 70 lines and to shuttle between foreign vessels Haiku, Sanya, the new port, the port of Yangpu Port and Xiuying and Guangzhou, Chongqing, Shantou, and Hong Kong, an easy road access to all parts of the province.

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Hainan Island is truly a golfer's paradise. With balmy year-round temperatures, lush fairways and greens beckon from a beautifully landscaped setting. All of the island's courses offer a fantastic round of golf with plenty of variety to suit all tastes.

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 Hainan sanyan Wuzhizhou Island   Da donghai Beach 
The Wuzhizhou Island and Dadonghai Beach are famous known as one of the biggest submarine base in Hainan. Most of the tourists are recommended to take a adventure diving experience there. They're also attracted by other highlights about Wuzhizhou Island and Da Donghai Beach...

A paradise within a paradise, Wuzhizhou Island is located in Haitang Bay and is about 40km north-east of Sanya. Legends aside, Wuzhizhou Island has a tropical maritime climate which is warm and agreeable all year round. It has pristine beaches which offer spectacular views of the mountains in the background.

Da Dong Hai Square which is a tourist centre like the Patong area in Phuket. You can get a range of handicrafts, beach wear and some food as well. The richest variety of products can be found at there.

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Escape to Sanya & Experience the utmost in comfort, pleasure and excitement in a breathtaking setting of natural beauty!

And it is the beaches that are the biggest attraction here. Sanya has some of the most beautiful and well maintained stretches of sand not just in China but in southern Asia. The sand here is white, palm trees provide shelter from the sun and the sea is wonderfully blue and warm. This is just about the only place in China with a really laid back feeling and atmosphere. You could spend anything from a few days to a week or so here, soaking up the sun, relaxing and just enjoying the unique and relaxed ambience that dominates this place.