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Xi'an has a long history in culinary culture and has developed a unique cuisine with two culinary styles-the traditional and the modern. The traditional is characterized by the Tang Dynasty cuisine while the modern by the Shaanxi cuisine. The traditional recipes include such delicacies as Roast Piglet and Chicken in Bottle Gourd. The local flavour snacks include Steamed Bun Soaked in Mutton Soup and the Fan-Family Cured Meat Broth. Dumpling banquet and Tang Dynasty banquet in Xi'an are two great inventions.

Xi'an cuisine has a good, hearty style that should never let you leave the table hungry.   Noodles and dumplings are the staples of the local food and these are almost always filling and warming.

Xi'an diet culture is rich in the Northwest flavor; it is indeed one of a major enjoyable in tasting Xian local snacks. As noodles and dumplings , which are always filling and warming, are the staples of the local food

Yangrou Paomo is a tasty Xi'an specialty that consists of a mutton soup served with wheat flour flat bread. The hard bread is broken up and added to the soup. Then the mixture is eaten along with pickled garlic cloves.

Yet another interesting culinary experience to be had in Xi'an is the Xi'an Dumpling Feast. This concept, introduced in 1984 by the Xi'an Dumpling Feast Restaurant on Jiefang Road, offers up to 108 different kinds of Chinese dumpling (Jiaozi). Also worth trying are the Defachang Restaurant and the Baiyunzhang Northwest Style Snack Restaurant.

Some other Xi'an snacks and special dishes include: Sour Soup Dumplings and Guantang Steamed Baozi.

Three famous Xi'an specialties:
Dumpling Banquet

Dumpling or Jiaozi in Chinese is a traditional and popular food in China, especially in the north. At the banquet, nearly 20 varieties of dumplings that are steamed and stuffed with different delicious fillings such as vegetables, meats and seafood are served, these dumplings are not only tasty, but also characteristic with their colors and fragrance, style and culture meanings, all these make the dinner so unique that you should not miss it when traveling in Xi'an.

The most famous venues for the dumpling banquets are Defachang restaurant, also Tang Dynasty Palace and Shaanxi Grand Opera Theatre where dumpling banquets can be combined with Tang Dynasty show.

Tang Dynasty Banquet

Tang Dynasty was one of the most prosperous dynasties and an open era in Chinese history, there were lots of exchanges between China and outside world, as a result, the culinary culture including the imperial cuisine was inevitably enriched.

Shaanxi people have tried to research the imperial cuisine of Tang Dynasty making it possible for you to taste typical dishes of Tang Dynasty in some of the restaurants in Xi'an. These dishes are not only tasty, colorful and fragrant with well-selected materials, but also full of cultures and legends with ancient styles.

Tang Dynasty Banquet is in the style of Tang cuisines, which is one of the most three famous things in eating (the other two are Jiaozi Banquets and Mutton Paomuo respectively) in Xi'an. The dishes in the banquets are diverse and plentiful and with special flavor. To partake of the banquet is something different from the other banquets. The waitresses who serve beside the tables in the Tang Dynasty Banquet have to wear Tang-style garments, and their buns are highly coiled up, they look very beautiful. The dishware and goblets on the tables are all imitated the Tang-styles. When the banquet is getting under way, a eunuch (not a true eunuch) with a horsetail whisk in his one hand proclaims the imperial decree to explain the purpose. Then the royal band plays the tuneful ancient music, and at this moment the toasters begin to drink a toast to each other. When a dish is served, its name is read aloud by a Tang Dynasty officer, and then he explains the cultural attraction of this dish. During the banquet, The Tang-style music and dance are performed, and Tang poems are recited. The wine served in the banquet is Huanggui dense wine, which was ever drunk by Lipo (a very famous poet in Tang Dynasty) and Concubine yang (the most caressant concubine by emperor Li long-ji). The dishes, pastries and soup are cooked by an ancient menu called cooking cauda banquet menu which was written by Wei Ju-yuan, and the dishes on the banquet tables are all the dishes which ever served for one of the Tang Dynasty emperors, Li xian (A.D.656--- 710). 

People visiting Xi'an must be surprised by the numerous historical sites and interesting places, as well as being left with a deep impression of the food of the city.Xi'an's food, generally speaking, is served in large portions, is inexpensive and each dish has its own story.

Large Portions

On a downtown street, everywhere one can see signs, including "Old Sun Family's Paomo (steamed bun soaking in mutton soup), "Old Ma Family's Mutton" and "Old Liu Family's Hulutou (a local snack)". At the food street, food stands one after another stretch several hundreds meters. At night, temporary food stands fully line both sides of the street. Everywhere, there is a smell of delicous snacks.


On the street, small restaurants and temporary food stands serve very cheap snacks. A bowl of hulutou costs only three yuan. Many temporary stands sell Chengdu's hot specialty, 20 cents per cube. With so many rich snacks, a lot of local people do not prepare meals at home and are willing to eat at food stands.

First, western fast food joints in China aren't cheap. In America, when you eat the crap that fast food places serve up you at least don't have to spend much money. That can't be said for China.more>>>Xian Fast Food

There are literally thousands of restaurants all over Xi'an serving noodles, dumplings, fried rice, and other Chinese staples for between five and ten RMB a plate.

Yangroupaomo (Steamed Bun Soaked in Mutton Soup)
The way of preparing the dish has made you interested already before it is ready to serve: first a bowl and one or two pieces of flat bread will be served, you need to break the bread into tiny chunks all by yourself, and after that, delicious mutton soup will be added in the bowl, now, it is ready for you to enjoy the broth and the break.

To enjoy the kabobs, you can go to the Huis (nationality) Street or the street near the Drum Tower where the night market are very busy, many people often gather there to eat these tasty foods.  more>>>Xi'an Local Snacks

If one wants to taste all the special local food at one time, the Xian Restaurant, Xian Fan Zhuang in Chinese, would be the wonderful choice where more than 100 different kinds of delicacies are offered by the self-service restaurant on the first-floor. As well as indoor enjoyment, evening market of the Moslem Street of the east lightly in the south, can also go snack street right behind the drum-tower, that with archaic-styled constructions on both sides. On the 500-meter street, there are many restaurants of different cuisines along with unique snack shops. While enjoying true Muslim cuisine, tourists can learn customs of the Hui people. In a word, local-featured food are permeated here everywhere.
As a popular saying that Xian is a legendary as the "capital of table delicacies" where provides a wide range selections in front of the people at home and abroad.more>>>Xi'an Restaurant

Western food
Paying a visit of Xi'an you may look for western food. Don't worry about that you can not find a good western restaurant. In Xi'an there are dozens of western restaurants offer western foods besides the hotels we recommend on our website. In your free time when visiting this city you can hang around on Dongdajie (East Street) where there are many western restaurants, also on the northwestern outskirts of the city near the Flats 
FLOURISHINGINGIR National Hotel  The Royal Kithen of Emperor Qin Pizza Hut Orr Gunther Mcdonald's  Il Satiro Danzante Italian Restaurant - Bar Pizzeria   more>>>Western food in xian

In Xi'an, most of western restaurants offer both veg and non-veg menus in a spotless and non-smoking ambience. You can find restaurants of all the major countries of the world offering ethnic foods. The restaurants specialize in Indian, North American, South American, French, Japanese and Italian gastronomy.

Xi'an diet culture is rich in the Northwest flavor; it is indeed one of a major enjoyable in tasting Xian local snacks. As noodles and dumplings , which are always filling and warming, are the staples of the local food, both Xi'an beloved Yang Rou Pao Mo and “Xian dumpling banquet” that famous at home and abroad, all carry a distinctive local characteristics. In addition, Biang Biang Noodles, bean jelly, Guokui, oil pastries and other special snack, all of which as well appeal tourists.


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