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YUN brocade

YUN brocade, a kind of traditional silk-weaved handicraft, is highly praised for its varied beauty which resembles that of the clouds. Up to now, 1580 years has past since its first appearance. Manufacturing process of YUN brocade is unique and complicated. It is made by DAHUALOU (grand flower tower--a brand name) wooden jacquard, and is also a collaborate-work of one jacquard worker plus one manufacturer. Two workers labor one day could weave 5-6cm of YUN brocade only. Materials required in making YUN brocade are particular and expensive; silk is the primary choice which sometimes combined with gold thread, silver or copper threads as well as all sorts of feathers or beasts' hairs.

One of China's three famous brocades, it was used exclusively by the imperial houses or as gifts bestowed by the emperors on princes or senior officials. Today it is still woven by hand with traditional techniques.

Yun Brocade is famous for its beautiful and delicate vein alike colorful cloud compared with other handcrafts in Nanjing. It is a traditional

handicraft in China. In fact, these products were selected for the imperial family in the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty.

There are several items produced by the loom: Storehouse Stain Multicolor Brocade, Golden Brocade and "Zhuan Hua" (a color jacquard silk fabric), amongthese, Zhuan Hua is particularly famous and precious. It maintains the artisticcharacteristics of the Chinese nationality and inherits the traditional silk skills of weaving, composition and color. It totally represents the high achievement of jacquard fabric in the ancient times of our country.

Born in east China's Nangjing city some 2,500 years ago, Yun Brocade is the eminent representative in the history of Chinese ancient craftworks.

It has heralded China's triangle of prominent brocades along with Shu Brocade and Song Brocade for its beauty and exquisite workmanship.
The craft of Yun Brocade requires high-level hand stitching that cannot be replaced by machines.
Nangjing Brocade Research Institute was built in 1957 to study and preserve the Yun Brocade craft.
The institute has applied for six patents for the Yun Brocade, in an effort to make it an intangible heritage.

Jade Carving
Jade Carving, a kind of quiet ancient art and craft, is to crave shapes on jade, which has had a history of more than eight thousand years. China has rich jade resource and is a major jade producing country in the world. Chinese jade carving craftwork which demands complicated procedures is long standing and mature in carving techniques. Jade is pure and hard in texture. Ancient Chinese took jade as symbol of beautiful things.

Paper-cut, is to scissor paper into all kinds of human or matter shapes. Paper-cut deeply rooted in the folks. Different local folk-customs and traditions fashioned various regional artistic tastes. Paper-cut which came into being in 6th century AD is one of the most popular folk arts. Antique paper-cuts, mostly stemmed in countryside, were made by peasants’ housewives who usually used scissors to cut.

Crystal, is natural quartz-crystalloid. Pure crystal, usually in hexagon-column form, is flawless, achromatic, shining and able to refract spectral colors under sunshine. Crystals in large blocks are rarely found in nature, most of which are artificial. Achromatic quartz crystal under 2000 degrees centigrade’ s heat can crystallize into transparent crystalloid, which, through cutting and polishing, can be turned into high-level craftworks. Crystal craftwork, owning to its noble, elegant sparkling quality, is an ideal choice as gift to friend.

Interior-painting, is a type of painting and calligraphy work. First an artist should insert a specially-made extremely slim curved brush into the interior part of a transparent vessel, and then to paint by using manual inverting technique. Interior-painting takes advantage of many art forms such as calligraphy, painting, carving and inlay to portray the very big world on a limited small size. Besides glass, crystal and tea-color crystal, other materials utilized include agate and amber.

Jiling Folding Fan
Jinling Folding Fan was already well-known in the Ming Dynasty, including wood, silk and bone fans. They are made exquisitely and have a light and beautiful character. It is both a tool for relieving heat and a piece of art work. Notably the Jinling Art Fan is especially favored by people.

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