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Lijia Cai (Li Family) Restaurant

Deshengmen  area
11 Yangfang Hutong, Deshengmennei Dajie, Xicheng District

Open 6am-10:30pm
Price More than Y400 per couple

says Hidden in a quiet hutong, people might wonder why Lijia Cai is so popular. Once you've tried the elaborate and delicious cuisine, though, you'll know. Try the melt-in-your-mouth sweet and sour pork ribs, fried sea prawns and other elegant fare. Reserve in advance. Perfect for a big spender.
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The place caters to foreigners but don't let that deter you: the food is great, modeled on the Imperial tradition of endless courses. You only order set menus there, the cheapest one is RMB200. I took my sister and we ordered the RMB300 menu. Anything more than that and all you're getting extra is abalone and shark's fin soup. It is a real feast. Throw in RMB15 Yanjing Chunsheng beers and you are good for a two hour

Imperial Court Cuisine

Imperial Court Cuisine is a style of Chinese food that originated at the Imperial Palace. It is based on the foods served to the emperor and his court. Now, the cuisine has become a major school of Chinese cooking and there are several places where one can sample its unique flavor. Fang Shan in Beihai Park and Ting Li Guan at the Summer Palace are the best ones. Some 150 years ago one could never have dreamed of enjoying such delicacies -- which, however, come at a price.

Beijing Imperial Court Cuisine Restaurant:

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