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Beijing Tour

Beijing - As the proud capital of modern China, is fast becoming a popular, fashionable tourist destination, for good reason too.

Beijing One-day coach tour      

Are you traveling alone and want to make some new friends? Do you want to find somebody to travel with you to share the happy time of Beijing  sightseeing? Take a bus tour means other individual tourists like you will join the same tour and as a result you all will enjoy better prices than private tours for the same scenic spots.


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Beijing Daily Tour   

We have various professional itineraries for your choices. Please select your favorite one as per your own wishes.Private tour is designed for those who do not want to travel with strangers. You (maybe yourself only, or with your family, or your friends) will have a personal English (or other language) speaking licensed tour guide, a private vehicle (with size in accordance with the group) and a licensed driver.

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Beijing car rental tour

This is a special chauffeur service for your convenience. A professional driver will personally pick up you (family) at the airport or hotel, also from Xigang Pier. The driver and car, even personal guide, is also available for rent for the rest of your stay throughout.

Beijing Great Wall Hiking Tours

Want to see the original great wall? tired of seeing the rebuilded touristed areas such as Badaling and Mutianyu which completed with piped-in musicand T-shirt sellers? Come with us and we will show you the fascinating, but eroded part of the wall with the true touching of the history of 2000 years ago. More hiking tours on The Great Wall of China?

Beijing  Golf Tour
Combine your golf passion with the ancient city Beijing! This  trip brings you leisurable golf games and the world wonder of the Great Wall, age-old imperial altar of the Temple of Heaven and the Chinese essential of acrobatics.

Beijing Night Show Tours
If you are a Kung Fu lover, then enjoying Kung Fu show in the evening is a must! Are you are interested in Beijing Opera or Chinese acrobatics show? If you like to know more about the old Beijing and enjoy Chinese tea, you can go to teahouses and enjoy teahouse performance.




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