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Beijing Badaling Wildlife
Lying at the foot of the Great Wall at Badaling, the Beijing Badaling Wildlife World is more than 60 kilometers from the city proper of Beijing, and is adjacent to the Badaling Expressway and the newly built Large Badaling Parking Lot. It covers an area of about 400 hectares.
The Wildlife World is featured by raising beasts of prey. Animals can walk freely in the world. It is planned that the Wildlife World will contain 30 scenic areas, including 20 animal tourist areas; two historical sites tourist areas; four performance sites (halls): one plants appreciation area; and one body-building area. At present the first-phase project has been completed. Now it raises nearly 1,000 animals of 43 species, and has 13 animal tourist areas, two historical site tourist areas, and one plant appreciation area.

In the safari world, you will have the chance to feed the beasts of prey and to have close encounter with mild and lovable animals. In the Fangzhou Square, you could take a break to enjoy the beauty of the forest and mountain, and watch the unique "peacocks flying down the hill."

The Wildlife World has well-equipped villa-type guest rooms, and various kinds of restaurants.
tuated at the finishing point of the Beijing-Badaling Expressway and east of
 the new-built parking ground at Badaling. A 38-minute ride will take you fr
om the city proper of Beijing to the zoo.
The zoo has 30scenic spots and a small reservoir, which include 20 animal ar
eas, two historic sites, 4 performance centers, a plant area, a holiday reso
rt, and two bodybuilding areas. The zoo houses more than 2,000 animals in 47
The zoo is near the Great Wall at Badaling and the batural geogaphic conditi
on remains, it has various ferocious beasts. Tourists can come near to obset
ve lions, bears, tigers, and leopards from tourist cars along the winding mo
untain path of 10 kilometers or enjoy the meek animals like giraffes, zebras
, and macaques in the walking areas. In the wilderness of the zoo, a place,
like the one in ancient Rome, is reserved for the animals to restore their w
ild nature, where tourists can watch the prey of tigers, lions, and wolves a
nd their training fpr exostemce. In the deep forest, several rate white tige
rs offer a reaat to the tourists's eyes. The ancient Great Wall reminds peop
le of the changes in China history and the profundity of the Chinese culture
. A herdsman accidentally discovered a stone Buddhist statue with benign cou
ntenance in a cave the zoo, dating back to 1,000 years ago. Having been give
n the univeiled ceremony by an eminent monk, the Buddha stayue will bless al
l the lives at the footage of the Great Wall.
Opeing time:
(summer) 8:30am - 17:00pm
(winter)10:00am - 15:00pm
Visitors may take No.919 Bus from Deshengmen to the Badaling Wildlife World.
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