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Liujiaxia Gorge Hydropower Station

Liujiaxia Gorge Hydropower Station is situated in the southwest of Yongjing County, Gansu Province. It is 80 kilometers far from Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu Province. This Liujiaxia Gorge Hydropower Station was designed and constructed all by Chinese in the first Five Year Plan and completed in 1974.

This is the 7th of hydropower stations in the upper Yellow River in plan. Functions of Liujiaxia Gorge Hydropower Station are various, such as electricity power generating, anti-flood, irrigation, fish-raising, transportation, tourism and so on. In the past days, only a few houses situated in this Yellow River valley, but after 1964, the most powerful hydropower station in China of those years was completed there.

People honor this Liujiaxia Gorge Hydropower Station as "a pearl of Yellow River". Electricity more than 5.7 billion kilowatt per hour was sent to Shanxi Province, Gansu Province and Qinghai Province annually. 5.7 billion cubic meters of water can be preserved in this power station. The water area is more than 130 square kilometers, spreading 54 kilometers to the directions of southwest and northeast.

The dam is 147 meters high and 840 meters long. A water cannel which is 700 meters long, 80 meters wide is on the right side of the dam. Under this dam, is the electricity power generating factory. In the underground hall, 5 huge machine-groups are arranged. Because of these reasons, electricity power of 5.7 billion kilowatt per hour can be generated here and sent out.

This magnificent Liujiaxia Gorge Hydropower Station is situated in the highland valley. People honor it as "a pearl on the highland". On the dam of Liujiaxia Reservoir, ships supplied by the Liujiaxia Gorge Hydropower Station and the Liujiaxia Tourism Company are available. Visitors can take these ships to visit the Bingling Grotto, which is situated in the southwest end of the reservoir.

Generally speaking, this short trip would spend 2 to 3 hours, but if you would like to take the speedboat, 1 and half hour is enough. August and September are the best season for traveling in Liujiaxia Gorge Hydropower Station. Sky is blue, air is fresh and climate is pleasant in this period. West forward flowing of Yellow River is magic scenery in here. Poet says: Water of Yellow River comes from the Heaven.

But in Liujiaxia Gorge Hydropower Station, Yellow River bends and flows to the west. One of the so-called Nine Bends of Yellow River can be seen in Liujiaxia Gorge. The main dam is situated in the Yellow River Valley. Standing on the Yellow River Bridge, the main dam comes into your eyes completely. The main dam is 147 meters high and 100 meters long, just like a dragon appearing on the cliff.

Every August and September is the flood period of Liujiaxia Gorge Hydropower Station. At this time, Liujiaxia Gorge Hydropower Station will let the water go by rising the sluice. Water of Yellow River is just like a lion, running and roaring. Water fog is white and pushing into the sky. What an astonishing scenery it is! When travel in the reservoir by taking an ancient style boat, you will pass the Taohe River mouth. Sandy and muddy water of Taohe River forms a sharp contrast with the clear water of Yellow River, but very soon, the dirty water mix with the clean wave. This s also astonishing scenery in this area.