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Lijiang Attractions

Splendid landscapes, the exotic ways of the Naxi ethnic group and the precious Dongba Culture make up the unique city of Lijiang. Each year it attracts a great number of visitors from home and abroad. To find a fairyland far from the bustling metropolises, please do not hesitate to come to Lijiang.

In many travelers' minds, Lijiang refers to the Old Town which is an essential part of the whole Lijiang City. In the 800 years from the Southern Song Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, the local governors and their subjects inhabited this city which has an advantageous geographical location not requiring a city wall. They created the famous Dongba Culture and the Naxi Ancient Music and Dance, and left a large group of unique Naxi buildings in this area. Standing at Square Street, in the center of the Old Town, you will be deeply impressed by the charming town and the locals' quiet life, much like the meandering streams that wind through the town. Please slow down your steps here, and immerse yourself in a fairyland on earth.

There are a number of places of historical interest and natural scenic spots here, awaiting your exploration. Mufu, once the palace of the supreme ruler Chieftain Mu of Lijiang, was reconstructed by the World Bank in 1996 in the northwest part of Old Town. It is the best place for visitors to enjoy the splendid architectural heritage of ancient Lijiang. Black Dragon Pool is a wonderful place about one kilometer (about 0.62 miles) away from Square Street, combining natural beauty and historical sites harmoniously. The best place to see the full extent of the Old Town is Lion Mountain Park which is just 250 meters (about 0.16 mile) from Square Street. With an altitude of 2500 meters (8202 feet), the park has a tranquil natural environment. It also has a typical Naxi building-Wan Gu Lou (Aeon Tower) on the mountaintop and some fine Naxi murals.

Eight kilometers (5 miles) to the north of the Old Town, you can see the architectural complex of Residential Houses of Baisha Town. In the Song and Yuan dynasties, Baisha was the political, economic and cultural center of Lijiang. It is the embryonic form of the subsequent Lijiang Old Town. Shuhe Town is another ancient town in Lijiang, which is just 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) to the northwest of the Old Town. The largest stone arch bridge in Lijiang was built here: Green Dragon Bridge. Both of these towns can be reached from the Old Town by foot or bicycle.

Outside of Lijiang City, there are a great number of splendid natural attractions hosting more and more adventurers from home and abroad. The most famous one is Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, which is about 15 kilometers (about 9.3 miles) to the north of Lijiang City. More than 5500 meters (about 18,045 feet) above sea level, this mountain is noted for its precipitous slope and charming beauty. As famous as the mountain, Lugu Lake, which is about 184 kilometers (about 114 miles) to the northeast of Lijiang City, is a must for visitors. The Mosuo People there who still maintain a matriarchal clan society today will introduce you to another one of the Chinese minority cultures.

Finally, Lijiang also prepares a series of splendid natural scenic spots for brave travelers. Three Parallel Rivers in Yunnan Protected Areas, Stone Drum and the First Bend of the Yangtze River and the Tiger Leaping Gorge are surely to astonish everyone who enjoys this majestic view.



        • Tiger Leaping Gorge 
          Situated to the northwest of the town of Lijiang,Tiger Leaping Gorge (Hutiao Gorge) is believed to be the deepest gorge in the world.The most popular trekking route is from Qiaotou to Tina's 

        • Lijiang Old Town
          Usually, when people talks about Lijiang old town, they mean Dayan Town, a town with history of over 800 years. Life of local people keeps the same way in Square Market
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        • Jade Dragon Snow Mountain 
          The major attraction in the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the Glacier Park, Some good hiking along the Yangtze River area ,where a cable car can take you to the summit   R
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        • Yuquan Park (Black dragon pool park)
          Summery Jade Spring Park shows visitors picturesque scenery with a large crystal pool, luxuriant trees, a tall mountain and historic buildings in graceful shapes. 

                    • Lugu Lake 
                      The lake is like a beautiful pearl shining among the hills of the northwest plateau in Yunnan.. Some good hiking areas in the surrounding mountains. . Go boating or canoeing on the lake. Plenty of hotels. Chairlift to the top of a mountain with stairs that goes -  
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                    • Three Parallel River
                      This is the 29th project of the World's Cultural and Natural Heritage in China, Three Parallel Rivers in Yunnan Protected Areas.Interesting scenery and historic site. Visit the Naxi town of Shiguzhen and shop.  Watch the local people shop, trade and work.  ---  

                    • The Old Town of Shuhe 
                       Four kilometers (2 miles) to the northwest of the Old Town of LijiangSuhe is in the protected list as "the world culture heritage site" in the Old Town of Lijiang.  It is more tradional than Lijiang---

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                    • Naxi Ancient MusicWhen walking on the ancient streets of Lijiang Old Town, you will undoubtedly hear the wonderful Naxi (also spelt Nakhi and Nahi) Ancient Music, the traditional Naxi classical music that is regarded as a 'living fossil of Chinese music.'
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                      . Lijiang Murals 
                      ,Ten kilometers (six miles) northwest of Lijiang Old Town The invaluable Lijiang Mural is stored, preserved and displayed in 15 venerable temples, such as Juexian, Wande, Guiyi temples and Sanbi Garden.

                    • Lashi Lake
                      Lashi Lake is in the basin in Hengduan Mountain Range, 10 kilometers away from the Old Town of Lijiang. The grassy marshland on the bank often gathers lots of water. It is the best place for plants, fishes, shellfish and river snails
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                    • Stone Drum and the First Bend of the Yangtze River 
                      The First Bend of the Yangtze River is located on the north side of the highway leading from Dali to Lijiang,With the gradual deposit of fertile soil at this spot, a village slowly came into being, now called Shigu Town, meaning  Read More

                    • Yufeng Temple 
                      Yufeng Temple is surrounded by the flourishing forest and a never-dried river
                      At the southern foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, 13 kilometers (nine miles) northwest away from the Old Town is a small lamasery named Yufeng Temple - Read More


                            •  Impression Lijiang
                              "Impression Lijiang" is a cultural show demonstrating the traditions and lifestyles of the Naxi, Yi and Bai peoples of the area. The show takes place inside Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Park at 3500 meters in an outdoor theater specifically designed to showcase the mountain which is used as a breath-taking backdrop                  
                            • -Naxi nationalty and Dongba culture
                              The smart and unsophisticated Naxi people who have long inhabited Lijiang preserve the unique and profuse Dongba Culture. In fact, a great number of scholars and travelers are attracted to this mysterious place more for the culture than its charming sceneries. -Read More >>


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                          • Lijiang Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Golf Course
                            The snow mountain of JADE DRAGON IS 5596 meters above sea level. It lies in the south foot of the Hengduan Mountains among tens of thousands of mountains and the interface of Yunnan, Sichuan and Tibet . It is the lowest in latitude in the Northern Hemisphere and the snow mountain that hasn't been conquered by the humankind up to now       Read More

                          • Ancient Golf Club of lijiang
                            Lijiang Ancient Town Lakefront Golf Club, is located at the foot of Mount Wenbi and is only 8kin from the Ancient City of Lijiang. Winding along Wenbihai Lake, with Yulong Snow Mountain in the background, the golf course features beautiful natural views from a bill lop and the surrounding lake. The new Ynlong  County is located to the east, Mount Wenbi to the south, Yulong Snow Mountain and Lijiang Ancient City to the north--  
                          •  Mu's Residence New!  Mu's Residence is the Tusi Mu's Yamen of the Naxi Ethnic Group in Yunnan.

                             Residential Houses With a history of more than 800 years, the residential houses of Lijiang represent its splendor in detail.

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