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Experiencing Nanjing, Feeling China

Tour Code: NJT04
Departure: Daily
Tour Type: Private
Destionation: Nanjing

As a new concept in the field of tourism know Tour "is increasingly popular in recent years, based on tourism, with some special arrangement, the tourists have the opportunity at the local level, rather than simply listen and tourism in the Declaration passively knows the route of a game, people can not only the beautiful landscape, as a game for the pressure to explore d 'experience itself, this type of visit in the population an impression deeper than never forget, a place he breaks the traditional round and is in the tourism industry.
Rather than simply in the debate about the regular trips, this project is the popular direct <Amazing Race> as a reference, makes the visit largest number of participants, more competitive and more interesting.
Day and Day Itinerary:
     Arrival in Nanjing after breakfast, transfers in the Confucius Temple, the local flavor of sandwiches, to enjoy the picturesque famous Qinghua afternoon transfer to the hotel.
1st Mission: find a picturesque village in the Confucius Temple.
     After breakfast leave the hotel, the transition to a farm on the outskirts of Nanjing, they feel very Chinese agriculture life of fishing, gathering eggs, harvesting vegetables, etc., and then tries to cook a course with the Chinese Materials from the operation,
2nd Mission: Learning for a course in Chinese.
 After lunch, visit the mausoleum of the pioneer of democratic revolution in China - Dr. Sun Yat-sen.
3rd Mission: a special position in the picturesque mausoleum of Dr. Sun or try to reply to the audit by the guide.
 On the evening transfer to the house of citizens separately, you can taste the real Chinese dinner in a Chinese royal family.
4th Mission: Chinese learn to the balls.
 At night, walk around the park for the public to believe the night life of the local population.
5th Mission: namely a local entertainment (Shadow Boxing, local dancing, Chinese Diabolo)
     After breakfast, transfer to a school to attend a class or classes of English calligraphy.
6th Mission: Learning in a sentence or the Chinese calligraphy China
 then transfer at the Museum of Nanjing, with more than 400000 article collection, and the 3rd largest museum in China.
7th Mission: a color or an old article in the museum.
 After lunch, leave Nanjing for the next destination.