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Mt. Wuyishan    Scenic Spots

The Mount Wuyi scenic area, the glen vertically and horizontally, densely covered becomes the net, is eyes cannot take it all in. Mount Wuyi's valley is the world is rare, all around gathers round the cliff steep cliff, the person in the valley, like in bottom of the well; The lane valley, two sides cliffs steep cliff stands erect, the long track interlocks, wanders about the valley, if goes through in the tall wall lane, the narrow place, only sees a skylight.

Avalanche causes which by the red rock festival principle growth, as well as the running water corrosion, forms Mount Wuyi each kind of grotto. Specially the grotto which opens up to the horizontal direction, does not have the underground cavern the seal feeling. Human's attention often inside and outside the hole which becomes by the wonderful interest day the landscape attracts, causes the person not to know in the hole the hole. In the hole may borrow outside the hole the day day of for the dwelling place of Buddhist immortals. In sometimes the cloud obstructs the fog cage, the day wind caresses the face, causes the person in to be as if void. In some holes also has the ancient human relic, some grottos are the places which all previous dynasties taoist priest celebrity practices moral culture grows the soul, studies proselytizes, their people hut view, the library construct in the horizontal grotto, just like "deity cave mansion".

The Cloud-nest Tianyou Scenic Area, with an area of 4.5 square kilometers, the picturesque region includes Tianyou Peak, The Cave, Yuhua Peak, Cloud Nest, snow in the spring, pond swimming Immortal, Huma Ravine and Yilan Pavilion. The top ten are enshrouded in the clouds and fog. Since the summit of the mountain, there is a great panorama of the New Bend Stream. At the foot Jiesun Peak, Cloud Nest surrounded by the famous cliffs, such as the Red Rock and Rock Whistling stove, and the faces of a brook. It is the most beautiful place in the Wuyi Scenic Area. There are a dozen caves in the region. In the morning and evening in the spring and autumn, mist and clouds are often out of the cave, now under the peaks, to collect and now, now is the spread. Hence the name of Cloud nest.
Tianyou Peak is located in the center of Wuyi Scenic Area. It is much bigger than the other summit. From the top you can use a series of peaks and green Bend New Stream settlement between the mountains.
       The new Grand Canyon Ecology Wuyi Mountain Park is located on the upper reaches of the stream Nine rotation and is known as the "garden" in the picturesque Wuyi Mountain region. In the ecology of the park, covering an area of 85.8 square kilometers, there are 8 places great stage, namely the Red River valley, Emerald Valley, land of the sons of heaven, the Grand Canyon Drifting White Pagoda Mountain, the imperial EDICT Mountains, north-east and the pond Sunny Peak. Is it dense forests, many gorges, waterfalls and various creatures in the world.
      Chuan Long Canyon is one of the most typical and Georges Wuyi one of the cradles of the Chinese tea culture. Meanders with two mountains, would be fantastic watefalls appears. The most beautiful is the Guanyin Waterfall. The upper part of the waterfall as the Goddess of Mercy, sits on a rock. Known in the beautiful story Dahongpao, walk along a narrow valley with a stream that flows, you can see the only tea factory Dahongpao joy witch always one of the most expensive and most valuable tea in the world.
       The New Valley Stream Bend covers 8.5 kilometers ², with a total length of 9.5 km. It is two hours to the valley. The influx of water is as clear as you can see the stones on the ground. The bright stream forms a delicious contrast to the red of the mountains, with which each his own landscape. On both sides of the New Stream Bend stand grotesque rocks.
Along the winding river, there are also highly funds and depth. Visitors May, even in the panoramic Wuyi during a boat tour, welcomed the mountains and caves go away. Float on a raft made of bamboo along the stream, May lift your head to the mountains, and reduce to hear the water flowing, and the contact with your hands.
      The Wuyi Palace - King Peak Scenic Area has an area of 3.5 square kilometers, including the following attractions: Wuyi Palace, King Peak, Peak Manting, Sangu Rock, Three purity Hall, Zhu Xi's Memorial Hall, the Song Dynasty Wanchu Garden and on the road. The square in front of the Wuyi Palace and near the exit of the New Stream Bend is the place where Emperor sacrifice for the Lord Wuyi. The Wuyi Palace is one of the six famous Taoist temples in China. Some former fellows, as Qiji Xin, Lu You and Zhu Xi, when the responsibilities of the supervisors here. The King Peak rounds as a huge pillars to the sky. The summit is of the view of the bare rock and ravines. There is only one way, from the south, to the summit of the peak.
Xiamei Ancient Village, 4 km east of the Wuyi city, is located on the lower reaches of the river Meix, hence the name, Xiamei, is derived. Xia through low point.
From the Neolithic era, the man began to live here in Xiamei. Because of its long history, traditional culture has always been a very good reputation in this village. It is the Meix Dangxi rivers, the old streets, alleys, wells, platforms, houses and markets, as well as the customs, the only Xiamei a typical village in southern China.
In the first days of the Qing Dynasty (17th century), one of the Xiamei
      important Wuyi Tea Distribution Center in the region. Some 300 ships along the river shuttle Dangxi daily. The trade of tea brought prosperity to the local population.
These include distributors of luxury homes, houses for civil servants, the hermits' villas and residences of the scientists, most of which are still used for education, assembly and entertainment, in the accommodation. In this day, the buildings are intact in Ming Dynasty and Qing styles. In this way, which created the economic prosperity during the reign of Emperor Kangxi and Qianlong (the early Qing Dynasty) still.
      The curtain of water cellar Bishi Pock Scenic Area, the 17 sq km, the region includes the following points scenic: Water Curtain Cave, Eagle Rock Bec, flags hanging in the air, Liuxiang Ravine, Green Lion Rock and Lotus Flower Peak Bishi Rock . Ravine is like a landscape of the corridor, where everything is clear and fresh.
The curtain of water is the biggest cave of the rock Cavern in the Wuyi Mountains, with a slanted top, than vice versa Eaves. Two streams rise to the top of the cave. Often, the flow of water is used in many water drops by the wind, today is today, now back in the West, now scattering, and as a curtain of water in motion.
       Consists of 17 square kilometers, the Sky-Line One Huxiao Rock Scenic Area includes the scenic spots: Sky One Line, Sanja Peak, Rock Lounge, Lingxiao peak, peak growth and Huxiao Rock. Rock Huxiao spot on and powerful. In the middle of the rocks, there is a huge cave. When the wind through them, it is a noise like a tiger roar. From the summit there is a photo of a forest of peaks and the white clouds floating. He is one of the main points in the picturesque city of Wuyi. An error Crag device through the valley. There is a crack in the middle of the Crag, as if they were separated by an ax. Viewing, through the cracks, you see a thin line sky. Hence the name One Sky Line. It is the longest, smallest and highest in the
sky in China.

Jade Girl Peak

Jade Girl Peak standing by the Second Bend of the Nine Bend Stream, is tall, erect, elegant and charming. The top of the peak is crowned with grass and trees, just like a girl's hair ornaments. The rock is delicate, bright and smooth, like a piece of carved jade. Viewed from a bamboo raft, the peak looks just like a beautiful girl.

By its name only, a beautiful picture appears in your mind. Jade Lady Peak is tall and straight. Seen from a distance, she looks just like a pretty maiden standing there. The top of the peak is covered with flowers.

A sweet-smelling deep pond is at the bottom, and is the maiden's bathing spot. A round stone in the pond used to be a mirror for the maiden. If you observe carefully, you will find that Jade Lady Peak and Great King Peak are looking at each other.

The King Peak

To the north of the outlet of the Nine Bend Stream, the King Peak is the first scenic spot to be seen as one approaches Wuyishan City. Lofty, tall and straight, the peak is like a huge pillar supporting the sky, displaying a king's dignity.

Eagle Beak Rock

Eagle Beak Rock stands in a gorge. It looks like a fierce mountain eagle facing the sky and trying to open its wings to fly to Heaven.

Tianyou Peak

Tianyou Peak, towering over the surrounding peaks, is the best spot in Wuyishan from which to view the city's landscape. Xu Xiake, a renowned traveler in ancient China, once praised the landscape here.

This towering peak stands behind the Fifth Bend, and is where visitors always come to see the sea of clouds. At Yilan (Panoramic View) Pavilion and Yilan Terrace on the top of the peak, one has a great view of the mountains and the entire length of Nine Bend Creek. One can spend the night at Heavenly Tour Temple or the Miaogao Mountain Villa and then watch the sunrise and see the sea of clouds the next morning.


Wuyi  Buddist  Light

In winter and spring, when Wuyi Mountains is shrouded in clouds and mist, the Wuyi Buddhist Light appears on bright, sunny days.


Six Bend Stream


To the north of the Six Bend Stream is the Immortal Palm Peak, and to the south stands Tianyou Peak, known as the No.1 scenic spot in Wuyi Mountains

Immortal Palm Peak

The Immortal Palm Peak stands to the west of Tianyou Peak and to the north of the Six Bend Stream. It has soaring cliffs, scarred by cataracts

Twin Lotus Flower Peaks

If you take a raft tour of the Eight Bend Stream, you will see two peaks of the same size and shape. When clouds gather at the top of the peaks, they look like two lotus flowers in full bloom. Hence the name.

Wandui Peak

Wandui Peak, consisting of dark-purple rocks, is covered in green vegetation. In the mist, it looks as if it is covered in gauze, very appealing

Hongqiao Planks and Boat-shaped Rock Coffins

Suspended planks and boat-shaped coffins can still be seen on the precipices on both banks of the Nine Bend Stream and on the northern side of the mountains. One of the most famous historical sites of Mount Wuyi, the Hongqiao planks and rock coffins have a history of more than 3,800 years.

Pavilions Hanging in the Air

In the caves adjacent to the Red Glow Peak, there are several small wooden houses built on precipices or in caves, with hanging ladders and railings. Seen from below, they are just like pavilions in the air

Water Tortoise Stones

On the Eight Bend Stream there is a tortoise-shaped stone in the water, with its head raised. On the stone, there is another tortoise-shaped stone with its head lowered. They look like a pair of tortoises playing in the water. Hence the name

Xiaozang Peak

Xiaocang Peak is located to the south of the Three Bend Stream. On its cliffs there are two 3,800-year-old boat-shaped coffins supported by suspended Hongqiao planks. The two coffins are half hidden between cracks in the rock.

Heavenly Pillar Peak and Locker Terrace

Grotesque peaks stand by the Five Bend Stream, and one of them is the Heavenly Pillar Peak, tall and straight, penetrating the sky. On the right side of the peak is the elegant Locker Terrace.

Wuyi Sea of Cloud

When the sun comes out after rain, you may climb Tianyou Peak at dawn or at dusk, and take a look in the distance. You will see a magnificent picture-the mountains are covered with clouds, with peaks appearing and disappearing

Immortal Fishing Terrace

Also known as the Fishing Terrace, this terrace is a precipice standing above a stream, with its top turned upward. At the foot of the rock, there is a vast expanse of green water. Seen from a distance, it is like a huge ship about to set sail.

Wuyishan One-line Sky,Yixiantian, WYS

One-line Sky demonstrates the master craftsmanship of nature. The rock is like a huge wall lying across a broad gully. Tourists entering the rock through Fuxi Cave can feel their way through the chill, dark, eeriness, and emerge at a spot where the rock opens out neatly to a stretch over 100 meters in length, one meter in breadth, and at a height of dozens of meters. A narrow strip of sky can be seen at the tips of the vertical rocks that tower on both sides when looking up from the opening.

White Cloud Rock

This rock stands to the northwest of the Nine Bend Stream, with levels rising one above the another. At dawn, the rock is always surrounded by white clouds, now gathering, and now scattering. Hence the name.


Cliff  Inscriptions

More than 400 ancient inscriptions, the oldest dating back to the Song Dynasty, can be seen on the cliffs of Wuyi Mountains, in many varieties of calligraphy

Boating on the Nine Bend Stream

Nine-crook Stream: It covers an area of about 8.5 square kilometers. Snaky nine-crooked stream separates group hills from each others, so scenery of the hills encircled by the stream comes into being. Bamboo rafts take you to visit the Wu Yi Shan Scenic Area, including its attractions of Great King Peak, Jade Lady Peak, Two Breasts Peak, Facial Stone, Elephant Trunk Rock, Boat Coffin, White Cloud Nunnery and Imperial Tea-garden relic.

Sunrise on Huanggang Mountain

Huanggang Mountain is the highest peak in Southeast China. Sunrise here is a magnificent sight.