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Mount Wuyi tea

The Mount Wuyi rock tea, head of the Chinese ten given names teas, produced from the Mount Wuyi unique fine ecological environment, nearby the element "brook the wonderful tea crown world, Mount Wuyi immortal plants praise of since old times the", "crag bone flower fragrance", fragrance strongly fragrant, surpassed orchid deep Shen lasting, taste thick mellow sweet, promoted saliva or body fluids Gansu, thickly drank but does not see bitterly and astringently, the soup color was orange yellow, seven soaked has -odd fragrance, after soaked the leaf red to border from the base "green leaf", the fine goods has the unique crag rhyme. Wu Yizhen in the area of jurisdiction has Wu Yizheng the crag tea habitat three pits (bright park pit, cowshed pit, but actually water hole) two gorges (flows fragrant gorge, the Kowloon gorge) the advantageous geographical environment, in this region produces crag tea for crag essential oil of tea. Its crag tea item many, north mountain bright park crag then famous clump 800 many kinds of, most has the great reputation and has the myth color Chawang "scarlet gown" to produce in the area of jurisdiction the Kowloon nest.

       Wu Yiyan the tea in our country tea history, composed has been extremely important and a glory page. Wuyi tea when Southern and Northern Dynasties (the A.D. 479 years), (tea) are world-famous by "late Gan Hou", the Tang Dynasty becomes the literary intelligentsia upper formation aristocrat to present the high quality goods, a Song Yuan two generation pays tribute the royal government, prevails for a time. Yuan Dade six years (in 1302), established the imperial tea garden to Jiuquxi four banks. The Ming Dynasty makes the dragon group, changes steams the blue round tea for to fry blue disperses the tea, afterwards changes the system three red seven green Oolong tea, namely the present calls the crag tea. Thus, Wu Yiyan the tea beginning to the Ming Dynasty, abundantly to the Qing Dynasty, 17th century sells in distant markets Western Europe, cockroach sound great-hearted.

      The Mount Wuyi stone tea therefore the quality is noble, is because it has the outstanding tea tree variety, the superior natural condition - blue water Danshan, flies the green jade to flow the rosy cloud; Adds on the unique exquisite manufacture craft, thus, after drinks the tooth cheek to keep the fragrance, fragrant high and distant, the taste is mellow and clear seeps. Mount Wuyi stone tea soup color orange yellow, the leaf base is bright; The green leaf red borders, seven soaks has -odd fragrance. Its alone standard "crag rhyme", falls the person for it, carrieds away. Establishes a new school in the domestic and foreign markets, doubles receives favours, wins the common people cherish. Through the ages, every has drunk the Mount Wuyi stone tea person, none who does not hands over the mouth commendation. The Northern Song Dynasty Fan Zhongyan song said that, Nearby the "brook the wonderful tea crown world, Mount Wuyi's immortal planted" since old times; Qing Dynasty, Lian Heng, Yuan words of praise: The "tea must Mount Wuyi, the pot have the Meng feudal official, the cup to have if the treasure, the non- this insufficiency is proud, the insufficiency entertains a guest"; The "Longjing tea although clear but the taste thin, the positive envy although is good but the rhyme to abdicate"; Contemporary Pan Zhulan poem cloud: The "crag tea graceful bearing is unusual, lives the Gansu delicate fragrance thin to taste". The Japanese female writers assist can the standard black eyebrow coloring also affection sigh that, "can drink the Mount Wuyi stone tea, is in the world the happiest person! "

        The Wuyi tea not only has fire imagination "crag rhyme", moreover has the mysterious health care function. According to the related literature record, in the tea the health care function most remarkable has two big matter: One is the coffee alkalinity; Two is the phenol thing. In addition, but also includes richly to the human body beneficial many kinds of amino acids, the vitamin, trace element, and so on. The coffee alkalinity is the powerful central nervous system stimulant. It can rouse the spirit, the strengthened thought; Reduces wearily, allays a fever the analgesia, the diuresis bowel movement, the disinfection is antiseptic. But the phenol thing (mainly is son caffeine), is in the present world prevents and controls the heart blood vessel of brain to get sick and to guard against the cancer anti- cancer the most effective medicine. It can reduce the blood fats, the cholesterol, prevents and controls the hypertension; Anti- radiation, anti- damage, anti- cancer, suppression careinogen archery target formation; Loses weight, the digestion, anti- is senile, the healthy body improves looks, and so on. Wu Yiyan the tea quality friendship, contains above has the health care function the matter, is richer than other teas class. This because is, the Wuyi tea, picks the tea is the mature fresh leaf (three ajar surface), but the mature leaf contains the coffee alkalinity, the phenol thing, the amino acid and so on, are higher than the shoot and the non- mature leaf, this its one; Second, the Wuyi tea has own unique manufacture craft, swings through "blue dehydrates", in the tea stems, the arteries richly contains to the human body beneficial matter evenly to the leaf surface transportation, but in the tea stems, the arteries the beneficial content is much higher than the leaf surface content; Again has, the crag tea grows in the dike decency granulated substance soil, the growth condition is advantageous, therefore the Wuyi tea health care function, reveals mysteriously, this had been proven by the ancient and modern innumerable instances. No wonder the foreign friend once acclaimed the Wuyi tea was manna of the "myriad things, mysterious medicine". Ancient poetry cloud: The "bright fragrance congeals the cloud fluid, the limpid facial expression drives illness".

The "three minute relieve thirst, seven minute", is our country people highly summarizes to the tea culture profound significance. Wu Yiyan tea not only according to unique crag rhyme, mysterious health care function, but its drinks art and the tea skill performance is superb, the style is unique. Hundred plays "from Tang Dynasty's" tea, fights tea "to Song Dynasty's", the tea skill which Ming and Qing Dynasties is in vogue, causing drinks the Wuyi tea to enhance to enjoys the matter with the spirit enjoys dissolves is a body altitude, stimulates its unique artistic charm.

Tea water

Good tea making requires the use of soft rather than hard warter.Soft water contains less than 8mg.of calcium and magnesium.If one uses hard water.the tea's flavour becomes astringent.the ordour too pungent and the colour aesthetically displeasing.
Tea Vessels

WuYiShan people tend to choose capped potteryor fine-china tea vessels when making Oolong Tea owing to their ability to preserve both the fragnance and flavour of tea, a normal tea cup about the size of half a table tennis ball,contains about 40 millimeters and the pot between 200 and 250ml,Usually a teapot and four teacups on a round or retangulr board appears and enjoyable work or art.

Heat and infusion control

Tea making is particular about controlinf the heat and the boiling process. The time taken a boil water influences the quality of the infusion. Good tea,water and heat are all essential to sipping tea.Tea experts in WuYiShan,,when boiling water,take care to make water neither too"tender" (that is ,un-boild) nor too"tough"  "that is,over-boiled).The tea is not tasty if made with unboiled,over-boiled or re-boile water. Water boiled for too long evaporates too much,leaving a residue of salts,which is not good for health and harms the flavours of the tea. And tea is not supposed to steep longer,the tea tastes a little bitter between 3 and 5 minutes.If steeped longer,the tea tastes a little bitter and astringent. Therefor,Nowdays people mostly use mineral water or distilled water to make tea,WuYiShan people usually make three to four servings from one pot of tea,regarding the lst pot" fresh"the 2nd as "sweet" and the 3rd as "near its end"


WuYiShan people love the art of tea tasting,Tasting tea is not only concerned with the quality of the tea,but also the enjoyment and appreciation with which the tea is consumed.A large part of this depends on the environment,the surrounding buildings,gardens,decorations,tea sets etc. Dring tea requires a quiet,refreshing,comfortable and clean environment.It is especially propitious to build a tea house in a garden,on a mountain or near water,peaceful lovations where drinkers may rest and relax

WuYiShan people attach great importance to etiquette.It is always essential to entertain a guest with tea. When drinking tea with the guest,the host pays attention to how much is left over in the guests' cup and in the teapot. Whenever seeing that is half finished, he will add boiled water,and replace the tea in proper time just to assure that tea is not too weak.Cakes,sweetmeats or small dishes can go with tea to add to the taste or serve as light refreshments.
For WuYiShan people nowdays,drinking tea has become very fashionable.During their leisure time,people will gather together in groups,laughing and talking merrily while enjoying tea.Often some will bring their own tea so that everyone can compare and contrast different tea varieties,Indeed a charming and elggant pastime.

 Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) Tea

There lived high in Wuyishan a poor family with a son who excelled in his study. To further his studies he had to sit for an entrance examination in the city, a long distance from his village. He had to travel by foot and with little food to eat on his way he soon became exhausted and was completely spent and ill when he reached a temple in another village half way through his journey. The monk took pity on him and nursed him back to health with good tea and food.
After his recovery, he resumed his journey and took with him three packs of tea and food given by the monk who advised him to drink the tea if he were ill. He reached the city just in time to sit for the entrance examination which he passed with flying colors. He later graduated from the university and became a renowned scholar.
As he was also a handsome young man, the daughter of the Emperor fell in love with him and subsequently they got married and he became a nobleman. He lived a luxurious life in the palace but had not forgotten the people who had contributed to his success, particularly the monk.
Then one day the Empress fell ill. After all the available herbs could not cure her, He fed her with the tea given by the monk many years ago. Very soon the Empress recovered and enquired from her son-in-law the source of the tea. The son-in-law told her the story how he obtained the tea. The Empress told him to return to the village and obtain more of the tea to help the sick.
The request by the Empress gave him the opportunity to return to the village to pay respect to the monk.
He gathered sufficient food and with some of his subjects, journeyed his way to the village. He was glad to meet the monk but was sad to note that the temple was in a very run-down state. He decided to stay in the temple and help to renovate it. To help, he had to disrobe, put on the ordinary workers’ clothing and soil his hand.
As a nobleman, his official attire was a big red robe. After disrobed, he spread it over three tea plants beside the temple. The leaves of these three plants had good therapeutic values which had helped to cure his illness and that of the Empress. And that was how the tea obtained from those plants derived its name.
These three tea plants are said to be still growing today.

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