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Mt. Wuyishan tours

Beautiful Wuyishan, Fairlyland on earth.In 1999, it became one of the world nature and culture Heritage site. It has beautiful scenery and a galaxy of culture which has many historical sites and abundant resources with very clean and fresh air. Walking in this peaceful and the secret woody canyon is an amazing and memorable experience. Much more surprises awaiting for you, if you enjoy nature and its beautiful surroundings.

9-Bend River Rafting The 9-bend stream, meandering brook running through a scenic mountain valleys, is about 9 km long and has 9 bends along its course. It takes 1 & 3 / 4 hours to drift down the stream, starting from the 9th Bend, by means of a bamboo raft raft.Each consists of two smaller ones Strapped together. Two pole-men, one in front and one at the rear, steer the raft with a long bamboo pole each. Each raft can accommodate six pole passengers.The front-man would give commentary and description of every bend, rock peak and all along the journey in poetic and Rhyming couplets.Each bend, peak and rock has a name bestowed upon it based on its shape or a legend.At the end of the cruise, the rafts are hauled back upstream Dismantled and trucks by ..

Feng Yu Nu (Jade Maiden Peak)

Feng Yu Nu symbolizes beauty of Wuyi scenery. It looks different depending on the direction it is viewed. On the left it shows a traditional girl gracefully standing deep in thought. The rock-skin appears smooth surface while the shrubs hair.On on top to represent the girl's right, the same peak looks completely different. It represents three girls standing close to each other. According to the local legend, the girl loves flowers on the right, the middle one loves to make-up whereas the one on the left is pregnant.

Tianyou (Heavenly Tour Peak)    (See Section Tianyou Peak)

Caves where ancient people used to put their dead.

A Picturesque Scene  The Three Musketeers after the cruise with Da Wan's backing

The cruise is one of its kind, unique and memorable. The raft moving in clear water, rocks and cliffs and passing combines with exotic peaks covered with green groves presents a real-life traditional Chinese painting. 
 Long Chuan (Dragon Gorge)

Guanyin Waterfall
This gorge meanders through two steep mountains. It is famous for its waterfalls. The most beautiful one is the Guanyin Waterfall. The topmost part of the waterfall looks like the Goddess of Mercy sitting on a rock.

Da Hong Pao (Big Red Rope) Scenic Area
Walking along in a narrow valley with a picturesque creek flowing to see the planet's sole source of Da Hong Pao tea plants is most pleasant. The valley is grown with Da Hong Pao tea all supposedly derived from the three plants half way up the mountain, claimed to have been there for centuries. (See Folklore of Wuyishan on Da Hong Pao Tea)

The three Da Hong Pao tea plants can produce only a pound of tea annually. Year and in 2004, it was of 20GM Auctioned for over RMB200, 000! Olden days in the tea leaves were reserved for the Emperors but now the political leaders in Beijing are the beneficiaries. The plants have never been watered and they have thrived on the soil's nutrients rich all these years. We stopped for tea at the tea house directly opposite the three Da Hong Pao tea plants and were completely mesmerized by the beauty of the environment and Sanctity

Feng Tianyou (Heaven Tour Peak)
Tianyou Peak is the no. 1 choice for climbing. It is located at the center of Wuyi scenic area. The climb is pleasant and the enchanting scenery.
To reach the top one has more than 800 stone steps to climb. At the top one can have a panoramic view of the surrounding peaks and 9 of the river bend-girdling the peaks.
However the best time to climb the peak is in the morning when one can see the peaks floating in a sea of clouds.

Folklore of Wuyishan
The Mystics of Wuyishan enchanting beauty and its many folklore have also evolved.

Wuyishan  Golf Tour

Combine your golf passion with The scenic Mount Wuyishan, in Fujian Province is praised as the most unusual and graceful landscape in southeast China.

Wuyishan  Hiking Tour

Wuyishan ( Wuyi Mountain), is one of the nicest spots and one of the most pleasant mountains in all of China.Mt.Wuyishan has 108 scenic spots, including its Jiuqu (Nine-Bend) River, Tianyou Peak, Waterfall Cave, Huxiao (Roaring Tiger) Rock, Wuyi Palace, and Lianhua (Lotus) Peak and much more which are scattered over 10 main scenic areas. With its beautiful landscape, cultural relics and fascinating folk tales, Mt. Wuyishan offers an ideal place for re-discovering the charms of nature. Mt. Wuyi is a preserved area for rare and endangered animal species.

Wuyishan Tea  Tour

Wuyi Rock Tea enjoys a long history. Being one of the top tea in China, it is also the forefather of Oolong tea. It played an important role in the tea development in China.Wuyi Rock Tea, with its "special rock charm and fragrance" is well-known at home and abroad. The most famous is the Big Rode Tea for it is the King of Tea.
The Wuyi Rock Tea is especially noted for its high quality, due to its natural environment of green mountains and clear waters, as well as its unique techniques. Therefore when you drink the tea, you'll fell an everlasting fragrance in your mouth. The "rock charm" of the tea has always been a delight and a desire.

Fujian boasts beautiful landscapes and rich cultural relics. It is a treasure land along the southeast coast of China and the brilliant pearl of the west shore of Taiwan Strait.
Sprawling along the coast of East China Sea and the west shore of Taiwan Strait, Fujian is a gallery of landscapes and blessed land on earth; it welcomes your visit and expects to share your pleasure