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Yangzhou Attraction

Yangzhou is a famous cultural city with a history of more than 2,400 years. Situated on the northern shore of the lower section of the Yangtze River, with the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal running right through the city from south to north, Yangzhou is renowned for its central location, abundance of natural resources, valuable cultural heritage, and beautiful gardens.

 Top Attractions:
Yangzhou is really a nice city with both long history and beautiful natural scenery.
  •  Slender West Lake (Shouxi Lake)
    The Five-Pavilion Bridge on this lake is a landmark of Yangzhou. The White Pagoda by the Lotus Pond is an imitation of the White Pagoda in Beijing's Beihai Park. The scenic area between Shouxi lake and Pingshan Hall, where 24 bridges span the canal, was most favoured by Emperor Qianlong.
  •  Daming temple
    This temple was built during the reign of Emperor Liu Zun (457-464) of the Song Dynasty in the Southern and Northern Dynasties. Main features include the Qinling Pagoda, Hall of the Heavenly King, Hall of Sakyamuni, and Island of Gaunyin. The Monk Jianzhen Memorial Museum is the Qingkong Tower.
  •  Geyuan Garden
    This Qing-dynasty complex  was the family mansion of Huang Zhiyun, a salt merchant. The focus of the private garden is a man-made hill occupying tow-thirds of the total area. It combines lovely northern and southern style rockeries. Scattered among these are stone bridges, courtyards pavilions and halls.

 Historical Sites:

Yangzhou has many historical sites. Among them are the 1,500-years-old Daming Temple, the Fajin Temple built partly to commemorate the monk, Jianzhen, and ruins of temporary palaces used by several emperors for some 3,000 years.


Chinese ancient gardens, enjoying great fame since ancient times, traditionally fall into two styles: northern and southern styles. Northern ancient gardens are represented by imperial gardens and southern, private gardens of merchants and the wealthy. However, gardens in Yangzhou City of Jiangsu Province are an exception, forming their unique style between the above-mentioned two schools. Yangzhou gardens not only feature the spectacularity of northern gardens, but also boast a large number of elaborate architectural works, which is the main characteristic of southern gardens.



Yangzhou was once a rich city of merchandise and therefore has many pagodas and monasteries.


 Natural Scenery Sites:

The most interesting scenic spot in the city is perhaps Shou Xihu, or Slim West Lake, which is so named because it resembles the West Lake in Hangzhou in terms of natural beauty, but is narrower and more twisted.



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