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Tianchi Lake
ImageTianchi Lake is situated on north side of Bogda Peak of Tianshan Mountains, 40-odd km in the east of Fukang County, and 110 km away from Urumqi City. The name "Tianchi Lake" was named by Mingliang in 1783, the Qing Dynasty Commander of Urumqi Command. The lake surface of Tianchi Lake is over 1900 m above sea level, more than 3000 m long from south to north, 1500-odd m from east to west, and covers an area of 4.9 km2, 105 m deep at the deepest point, and the lake holds 160 million m3 water. Tianchi Lake is an alpine drift lake shaped in the Quaternary Glacier period. Northern bank of the lake is a natural dike that is a moraine ridge.
Heavenly Lake is a natural paradise with breath taking scenery. The 4 hour drive from Urumqi through the seemingly endless desert may seem tiring but Tianchi will provide travelers a with an experience that makes the drive worthwhile.
The area is one of the few unspoiled places in China. The crystal water reflecting the snow-topped peaks, fluffy white clouds and blue sky create a breath-taking view. The banks of the lake are covered with lush spruce forest.
   Tianchi Lake is a world famous alpine drift lake, which was listed by the State as one of the key scenic spots in 1982. The Tianchi Lake scenic area can be divided into four natural view belts:Image lower mountain belt, mountain coniferous forest belt, alpine and subalpine belt, and ice and snow belt. Riding a horse, one can, within one day, arrive at the foot of 5445-m high Bogda Peak that is the highest peak of the eastern Tianshan Mountains. Bogda is a Mongolian word, meaning ''God". The 5445-m high Bogda Peak was covered by ice and snow all the year round and thus like wearing a body armor, so ancient Mongolians thought that this was "God"  and named it "Bogda". The Bogda Peak is one of the mountain peaks chosen by Chinese and foreign mountain climbers for climbing sports.

From the mountain everywhere you turn; you will see green hills, flocks of cattle, sheep, and herdsmen, an easy peaceful life style of this wonderland. Many garden of vegetables and fruits are built by the Hans and Uygur people will give you another beautiful feeling of the mountain. When come to the lake and the mountain, you truly will enjoy the scenery of this Heavenly Lake, is just like its name, the beauty of this lake is heavenly, wordlessness, it is breath taking. You must experience it yourself!

Come to Heavenly Lake, and surround yourself with this wordless environment, sitting in a boat on the lake or take a walk on the green grass hills, stand by the lake, the scenery here will lead you into total relaxation. In summer, Mt.Heavenly is a good place to avoid the heat. In the winter, the mountain is cover with snow and the lake becomes a good place for skating. Therefore, it is a good place for vacation either in summer or in winter

  • Take warm clothing, even in summer.
  • Cable cars or buses are available taking travelers up to the lake. Those who want to challenge to their physical strength can hike up to it.
Fees: Entrance Charge: CNY 100 (Apr. to Oct.); CNY 40 (Nov. to Mar.)
Cable Car: CNY 35
Barge Tour: CNY 30
Electric Bus: CNY 10