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Xi'an Local Snacks Qiaomianheluo

Qiaomianheluo has 600-700 years history. It makes from fresh buckwheat. It famous for it's delicious taste. No matter winter or summer, qiaomianheluo can be found in snack streets. It also can help to strengthen the stomach and offer some temporary respite from the heat.
The history of Qiaomianheluo:

Heluo was once called helou in ancient China. It has a long history. A famous agriculturalist Wangzhen in Yuan dynasty, once wrote Heluo like this: ''On the back of north hill, there has a kind of wheat which can grind into flour and make into cake or make soup noodles." Heluo is good for health, it is not only good for intestines, but also good for stomach. Heluo is made of buckwheat. It was said that buckwheat is the most nutritious food. It is abundant in amylum, protein, aminophenol, vitaminP, vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, magnesium, flavone and so on.

Raw materials: Buckwheat 1000g, water 300g, little amount of alkali.
How to cook:

Step 1
Put prepared buckwheat into a special tool which is called Heluochuangzi, and then squeeze the buckwheat dough into long strip, put these strips into boiler to boil them.

Step 2
After they have cooked, take them out and put into a bowl, add meat soup and seasonlings in. And now you can enjoy it !

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