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Bei jing shopping

Beijing, like every mega-city around the world, has shopping opportunities galore: from Asia's biggest shopping mall, to out-of-the-way craft stores and boutiques tucked away in historic hutongs; from crowded, touristy shopping streets, to hypermarkets and world-class department stores. If you can't find it in Beijing, you probably can't find it in China!

First-time visitors to Beijing will likely be drawn to its ''Four Famous Representative Arts'': cloisonne (Jingtailan ivory carving (Yadiao); jade carving (Yuqi); and carved lacquerware (Qidiao). These folk arts have been perfected from generation to generation, though with today's mass manufacturing techniques pieces made by skilled artisans are becoming more difficult to find. A less expensive souvenir and traditional gift for children are the lifelike flour or clay figurines (Mianren or Niren); also loved by the young and young-at-heart are Beijing's colorful, delicate paper kites, considered by some to be the best in the world. Other craftwork includes exquisite paper cuts - made to grace the windows and doors on festival days, but often framed and matted these days - and Chinese knots (Zhongguojie), which make beautiful decorations and jewelry.more>>>Bei jing Art and Antiques

All these beautiful folk arts can be found at stores, specialty shops, and wholesale markets such as the famous Silk Street Market, Yaxiu and Panjiayuan. Remember, however, that ivory carvings can be illegal to import into many countries; check the relevant laws before making an expensive purchase.more>>>Beijing Antique Markets

The opening up of Beijing to the west has had a huge impact on shopping. A wide variety of consumer items-  both local and imported - are now available and bargains can be found throughout the city. The main shopping area is situated around Wangfujing Dajie, where there are many department stores, including the Beijing Department Store, which mainly caters for the Chinese market. Many shopping malls have international and upmarket shops.more>>>Beijing Department Stores

The best clothing shops are located on Dong Dan Bei Dajie, as well as Silk Alley, Xiushui Dong Jie off Jianguomenwai Dajie, where there are also silk stalls. Here, prices are displayed but it is worth it to haggle. The famous Friendship Store is just along the road, which has several floors of tourist souvenirs, jewellery, laquerware, clothes, carpets, and Chinese tea.>>>Beijing Tips - Bargaining

Today the long-established markets in the city compete with many modern shopping malls, the most glamorous is the Lufthansa Centre, Liangma Qiao Lu, with its large number of international shops and snack bars. Another good shopping mall is the Xidan Shopping Centre, Xidan Bei Dajie, with shops offering a variety of food, electronic goods, jewellery, and clothes.

Antique collectors should head for Liulichang, a short walk south of Heping Men subway station. This market is loaded with ancient-style shops, refurbished in a traditional way and offering an astounding variety of antiques and curios. The antiques more than 100 years old are marked with a red wax seal and an export licence must be obtained before taking them out of the country. The weekend market at Panjiayuan Jiuhuo Shichang is a huge, open-air place with excellent bargains on items such as jade, pottery, wood paneling, and bric-a-brac.>>>Bazaar Beliefs: The Dao of the Beijing Antiquarian

Commercial Streets
A visitor will also find many large and middle sized shopping complexes scattered about the city. Just flow along with the flocks to pedestrian streets and experience the authentic atmosphere of Beijing.

Four largest business zones in Beijing: Wangfujing Dajie, Qianmen, Xidan Commercial Street and DongsiSome featured business streets: Hongqiao Pearl Market, Xiushui (Silk) Street, Other Pedestrian Streets  more>>>Beijing Shopping Areas

Department Stores
Large-scaled shopping malls with luxury goods of super brands are everywhere to be found in the city center, such as Beijing Friendship Store, Shin Kong Palace, Lufthansa Center and Parkson.

Many large international and national supermarkets established their chain shops in Beijing, including Wal-mart, Metro, Watsons, Carrefour, Auchan, Lotus Supercenter and Century Mart.

Wholesale Markets
For notions and other small commodities, relatively cheap wholesale markets are best choices if you mind the price rather than clamor and bargaining, where costumes and shoes, electronic and digital products tea or flowers all can be found.

Most shops hours are daily 09:00-20:00. There is no sales tax in China.

In clothing, there are plenty of bargains to be had at markets like Hongqiao, Silk Street and Yaxiu. You can pick up cheap versions of mass-produced name brands, and many of these are genuine - factory seconds or over-runs. However, there are some things you can be sure of. The first is that cheap luxury items are always fakes: if it seems to good to be true, rest assured, it is. The second is that almost all cheap name brand footwear (as distinct from shirts, skirts, trousers etc) in the markets is also fake, and poor quality at that. The third is that if you shop for genuine luxury items in Beijing, you'll find plenty of choice, but no bargains: nowhere in the world does brand power mesmerize consumers as it does in China. Luxury goods sell for prices at least as high, and often higher than in Western capitals, even items manufactured in China! This also applies to items like high-end sporting and outdoor goods. Most are manufactured in China and exported to the West to be sold at roaring markups. You can buy any number of cheap knock-offs in Beijing, but if you go out looking for the real thing through an authorized reseller, be prepared to pay at least as much as you would at home. Why? Ask an economist ... or a sociologist!

this report is the best and most up to date but we cannot guarantee that it will reflect the actual experience when you get there. All we know is that it will be a very exciting time to be there and that you will have a great time.




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