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Chinese Food Guide

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What can you expect to eat in a real Chinese restaurant in Beijing ?  Well, for the most part, its nothing like the Chinese food you've come to expect in your local Chinese take-out back home.  This is the real deal.  However, most menus are completely in Chinese and daunting even for someone who's studied Chinese for many years.  To help you out, we've prepared this handy guide for your convenience.  You can memorize the pronunciation using our audio clips, or just print out, cut into pieces and hand to your waiter.


 (bei3 jing1 kao3 ya1)
   Beijing Roast Duck or Peking Duck as it was once referred to.  The specialty of Beijing.  Slices of mainly roast duck skin with plum sauce, spring onion strips and little pancakes. 

   (la4 zi ji1 ding1)
   Hot spicy diced chicken.  Green peppers and boneless chicken in a hot gravy. 



(gong1 bao4 ji1 ding1)

   Hot spicy diced chicken.  Red peppers, boneless chicken with roasted peanuts in a hot gravy. (usually not quite as spicy as Lazi Jiding)


(la4 zi ji1)

   Really spicy, deep fried, bite sized chunks of chicken including bone.  Often so much bone that there is not much meat content left, but varies from place to place.


(hao2 you2 niu2 liu3)
   Strips of beef in an oyster sauce.  Not usually spicy at all.  Sometimes has vegetables included.


(tie3 ban3 niu2 liu3)

 Strips of beef brought to the table on a sizzling hot iron platter. Sometimes pepper flavored, sometimes has a tomato flavor.

 (shui3 zhu3 yu2)
   Whole fish sliced and boiled in a very spicy oil and water mix with red chillis.  Chillis are usually fished out of the soup mixture at your table before you start eating.


(jing1 jiang4 rou4 si1)

   Pork shredded and cooked in a Beijing special sauce.  Served with some kind of tofu sheets to make little parcels with.


(zha2 ji1 pai2)

   Flattened, boneless chicken breast, bread crumbed and deep fried.  A bit like what the Australian's call a chicken schnitzel. 

 (zi1 ran2 yang2 rou4)
   Boneless lamb pieces, no sauce as such, more of just a light seasoning.

 (hao2 you2 sheng1 cai4)
   Lettuce in gravy.

 (tang2 cu4 li3 ji2)
 Sweet and sour pork tenders

 (you2 cai4)
   Some kind of Chinese lettuce variety.


(bo1 cai4 chao3 ji1 dan4)

   Spinach cooked with egg.   

 (you2 mai4 cai4)

 Another kind of green leafy vegetable, cooked plain.

 (mi3 fan4)
   Plain boiled white rice.

 (ji1 dan4 chao3 mi3 fan4)

Egg fried rice.



(song1 ren2 yu4 mi3)


Sweet corn and pine nuts.


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