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Chinese Food Guide (2)

What can you expect to eat in a real Chinese restaurant in Beijing ?  Well, for the most part, its nothing like the Chinese food you've come to expect in your local Chinese take-out back home.  This is the real deal.  However, most menus are completely in Chinese and daunting even for someone who's studied Chinese for many years.  To help you out, we've prepared this handy guide for your convenience.  You can memorize the pronunciation using our audio clips, or just print out, cut into pieces and hand to your waiter.

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   ping2 guo3  

  xian2 rou4 
   xiang1 jiao1
    shao1 bing3
   baked cake (muffin like, more flavored)
  dou4 fu nao3 
   beancurd soup
   yin3 liao4
  hong2 cha2 
   black tea Chinese Tea
  bowl  The Art of Chinese ceramics
  mian4 bao1 
  zao3 dian3 
   zi4 zhu4 can1
   tang2 guo3
   Gan1 bei1!  
   Bottom up!
   niu2 rou4
   jiao3 zi 
   boiled dumpling Dumpling Banquet

  kuai4 zi  

  xiang1 su1 ji1 
   crispy chicken
     you2 tiao2 
   deep-fried dough (donut like)
   Hao3 chi1 ji2 le. 
   Guang3 Dong1 cha2 dian3  
 i  dim sum Yue (Cantonese)


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