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Chinese Food Guide (4)

What can you expect to eat in a real Chinese restaurant in Beijing ?  Well, for the most part, its nothing like the Chinese food you've come to expect in your local Chinese take-out back home.  This is the real deal.  However, most menus are completely in Chinese and daunting even for someone who's studied Chinese for many years.  To help you out, we've prepared this handy guide for your convenience.  You can memorize the pronunciation using our audio clips, or just print out, cut into pieces and hand to your waiter.

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   cai4 dan1  


   niu2 nai3  
   yang2 rou4 
   ju2 zi3 
   ju2 zhi1 
   orange juice
   bo1 luo2 
   zhu1 rou4   
   xiang1 chang2   
   hai3 xian1 
   Xi1 Hu2 yin1 yu2 
   silver fish of the West Lake, Hangzhou
   ling2 shi2 
   dou4 jiang1 
   soybean milk
   tiao2 geng1 
   niu2 pai2 
   man2 tou2 
   steamed bun (white-colored bread)
   shao1 mai4 

 steamed dumpling (with decoration on top)

Beijing Snacks

   qing1 zheng1 yu2 
   steamed fish
   mi3 fan4 
   steamed rice
   hong2 shao1 yu2 
   stewed fish

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