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5 Day   Wudang Mountain   Sanfeng Taiji Training Guided

Tour Code:GLT-14
Departure: Daily
Tour Type: Private
Highlight: population in the country. It was honored across China with the sobriquet as "the first famous mountain under heaven." Today, it's recognized as an architectural achievement and in 1994, UNESCO bestowed Wudang Shan World Cultural Heritage status.

Wudang Shan is also world-famous for its distinctive style of martial arts called Wudang Wushu. This form of martial arts is highly regarded in China; on par with the skills of the better known Shaolin monks. Created by martial arts exponent Zhang Sanfeng, it's still practiced by Taoist priests as part of their routine fitness and self-defense exercises. This kung fu style has been honed to a fine art through the centuries, evolving into variations like Tai Chi and Ba Gua.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1    Wudang   (B,L,D)

AM: Wudang Mountain Guided Touring

After breakfast well go to visit South Cliff (Palace), the Dragon-head Incense burner, an excellent stone scarved architectural art, pointing exactly to the Golden Summit of Wudangshan to the south. From here, the Golden Temple on the Heavenly Pillar Peak is slightly visible. It was here that the Wudang God Zhenwu cultivated for 42 years and gained the Grand dao to fly to the Summit, becoming the No 1 deity.

On the way back to hotel, visit Taishang Temple. This is particularly dedicated to Laozi, universally regarded as the Taoist ancestor. Taishang is derived from his respectfull title as Taishang Laojun.

PM: Wudang Taoist Culture Lecture and Sanfeng Taiji Training

After lunch, we take a brief rest and listen to Victors introduction of Wudang Taoist Culture. Mt. Wudang is one of the famous Taoist holy lands in China. Taoism, the traditional Chinese religion, originated from ancient witchcraft, necromancy, philosophies of Chuang Tzu and Lao Tzu in the era before the Qin Dynasty .In the times when Emperor Shui in the Eastern Han Dynasty was at the throne, Zhang Daoling respected the Yellow Emperor as First Ancestor, Lao Tzu as Taoist Ancestor, consecrated Beginning God as the highest god. He cured illness with magic figures and incantations, and created Taoism by helping and educating people with Tao.

Afterwards, taiji training with Victor.

Nine Dragon Hotel

Day 2    Wudang    (B,L,D)

AM:Sanfeng Taiji Training and Crown Prince Slope

06:00am-08:30am:  taiji training with Victor at the hotel

After breakfast, we take a bus to visit Crown Prince Slope. The ancient buildings on the Crown Prince's Slope were elaborately built according to the story of Emperor Zhenwu's cultivation. Ancient architects made full use of the topography and built up double-layered walls, the Nine-winding Yellow River Walls. When you pass two mountain gates, a spacious courtyard will come into view. Strolling further along the path, you will see secluded overlapping courtyards. Tea art appreciation with the beautiful music of Gu Zheng. Lunch in the nearby Mountain featured Restaurant.

PM: Xiaoyao Valley & Yuxu Crag

After lunch, we explore Xiaoyao Valley; visit Yuxu Crag to feel how Zhang Sanfeng watched the fight between magpie and snake and created Taijiquan. If we are lucky enough, we will catch up with a Taiji performance inside the Xiaoyao Valley. If weather allowed, we will catch up a Kungfu Show Performance.

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Day 3 Wudang    (B,L,D)


AM: Sanfeng Taiji Training and Purple Heaven Palace

06:00am-08:30am:  taiji training with Victor at the hotel

After breakfast, take bus to visit Zixiao Gong (Purple Heaven Palace). This is the best preserved one and also the location of Wudangshan Taoism Association. The palace is so far the biggest revnue throughout China to hold Taoist activity. Communicate with the femaleTaoists and possibly with the President of the association.

PM: Exchange with a Taoist Hermit

Visit a Taoist hermit hiding himself in a cave. Victor will help with the communication with him. The way of his life; his view of point of life and the world

Nine Dragon Hotel


Day 4    Wudang (B,L,D)

AM: Sanfeng Taichi Training and Golden Peak

06:00am-08:30am:  taiji training with Victor at the hotel

After breakfast, start hiking up to the highest point for Wudang C the Golden Summit of the Heavenly Pillar Peak. Symbol of the Wudang Mountain, is the sign of Wudang Taoism reaching a high peak under the support of the imperial family. This is one of the reasons why Mt Wudang was inscribed in the World Cultural Heritage List.

PM: Ancient Taoist Building Complex

After lunch, we enjoy the beautiful scenery on the Golden Top scenery area. Visit the Ancient Taoist Building Complex. Taoist palaces and temples, the places for Taoists to worship gods and practice their self-cultivations, developed from Chinese traditional palaces and halls, god temples, and altars. So Taoist palaces and temples did not only inherit Chinese traditional building theories, arrangements and methods, but also added Taoist aesthetic and value theories in their arrangements, body style and structure, which formed their own style.

Nine Dragon Hotel


Day 5(Wudang/Wuhan)  (B,)

AM: Wudang Taoist Kungfu School Exchange

This morning we check out and take a 40min bus ride to visit Wudang Taoist Kungfu School. Exchange with the students there; also meet with the Taoist Gong Fu Masters.

PM: After lunch, we take a bus to the food of Wudang mountain, and stroll around the Wudang town. Visit a local market and take some food for the overnight train ride.

Prices in USD (1:7)

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 3 star

Kowloon Hotel
 500  360  16
 4 star
Mountain Hotel
 520  380  40

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