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Huanglong Scenic and Historic Interest Area

Huanglong is a scenic and historic interest area in Songpan County in the northwest part of Sichuan, China. It is located in the southern part of the Minshan mountain range, 150 km north-northwest of the capital Chengdu. This area is known for its colorful pools formed by calcite deposits, especially in Huanglonggou (Yellow Dragon Gully), as well as diverse forest ecosystems, snow-capped peaks, waterfalls and hot springs. Huanglong is also home to many endangered species including the Giant Panda and the Sichuan Golden Snub-nosed Monkey. Huanglong was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1992.

Twinned with Yellowstone National Park in the USA and praised for its colorful limestone ponds, Huanglong (huang long JSf Jt), which means Yellow Dragon Mountain, lies in the south part of Min Shan in Songpan County. Situated in the northwest of Sichuan Province and 128km south of Jiuzhaigou, the Huanglong Valley is edged by snow-capped peaks and glaciers. An incredible bio-diversity of flora and fauna thrives here alongside spectacular limestone formations, waterfalls and hot springs. The area also has a population of endangered animals, including the giant panda and the Sichuan golden snub-nosed monkey.

Huanglong Scenic area has two parts: Huanglong and Muni Gorge. Huang Long includes Huang Long Valley, Danyun Gorge, Snow Treasure Peak, while Muni Gorge comprises two scenic spots the Zhaga Waterfall and the Erdao Lake. The special character of the area which extends over 700 square kilometers results from formations of talpatate which give a special color to ponds and beaches. With a background and of high mountains, snow covered peaks, valleys, waterfalls, lakes and forests, these talpatate scenes are quite spectacular.

Huanglong Valley, the size of a total prize pool of more than 2300, up along the valley, gathered into 8 groups, each group of different, unique. Fu Yuen Bridge from upstream, through a clump of jungle, a group of pool to the trees as the background, flashing a dazzling brilliance, with Qinggemanwu the MT, welcome visitors, namely the first group of "pot welcome." The second group, "Waterfall muddy stream," stone pot outside edge of the vertical height of 6.8 meters, a world record stone-faced surface side. The third group of "bonsai scene," Reversed pool or willow, or pine Canggu, just like a group of large and small bonsai exhibition. In the north to less than 1, that is to "mirror reflecting" pool group, where Jinbang forest, elegant and quiet, scenery, shadow reflected on the water, picturesque. Then forward the "carrot Ying Zi Cai" group pool, poolside pose dill (a cuckoo) flowers, the outside pool Jibei dressed scores of earth. Sixth group of "pot blooming" the largest pool of more than 500 component size, comparable to the simple blooming natural superior. With that of the "Qi tree Fame", 3417-3428 m above sea level, the majority of the pool having attitude peculiar trees. Section VIII, "Spire Zhenhai" is located in Huanglong Temple, the pool has two ancient tower, built in the Ming Dynasty. Here the pot bottom, wall, pond dikes in different colors and were white, silver gray, light yellow, golden, Jiang Zi, brown red, the red, blue, sky blue, Qinghei colors, very bright beautiful.

Huanglong pools there are multi-level falls between. Fu Yuen Bridge from about 1 li "waterfalls flow-hui", waterfall about 10 meters, 60 meters wide, waterfalls, such as the Silver Dragon into the sea, very spectacular. Wash the body in the hole under the "golden waterfall spilled silver", from an altitude of 3265 meters down to 3235 meters, about 160 meters, silver waterfalls communication from the golden yellow walls plunging down, magnificent.

From the cliff top to wash the body posture dill hole map pool, from 80020 to 100 m long section of the flood as "Sands floor", due to flood a large area deposition of travertine and if Sands shining and bright. In the trench with a small waterfall on a section of "Goddess of sprinklers," particularly intriguing when the face of cries waterfalls, waterfall immediately turn into water droplets float in the air. The sound stops, still hanging off the cliff above the waterfall.

Holding the primary area of virgin forest in Huanglong Scenic and Historic Interest Area, the Muni Valley comprises Erdao Lake and Zhaga Waterfall which is the biggest calcified waterfall in all China. Located in the northern part of Muni Valley, Erdao Lake is the largest in the area and around the lake are many underground limestone caves which connect Erdao Lake with other lakes in the area. The color of Erdao Lake varies with the seasons, harmoniously complementing the lake with its surrounding of colored limestone. When standing by the lake, it seems very tranquil and calm; this belies a strong undercurrent that is very active. Erdao Lake holds attractions such as Swan Lake, Baihua Lake, etc. Beside the Baihua Lake, there is a mysterious cave which embraces wonderful and magnificent naturally-formed stalactites. Zhaga Waterfall scenic spot stretches for about 5 kilometers (3 miles), where water flows around trees and trees grow in water and this scenic spot boasts many attractions. At the bottom of Zhaga Waterfall, there is a round-shaped stone onto which the waterfall cascades. In the sunlight, the spattering water is like jade, exhibiting wonderful colors. This is the Jianyu Tai (spattering jade platform).Guhuashi (ancient fossils) is the place where a number of prehistoric, fossilized animals, plants and fish are well preserved and remain intact. Feicui (Emerald) Spring is one of the ten most famous springs in China due to its water's medicinal value, and many have recovered from stomach sickness and arthritis after drinking or bathing in its water. The local population considers Feicui spring divine and allows nobody to cause damage.

The Huanglong Scenic and Historic Interest Area gained its fame for its magical landscape of limestone formations, as well as the forest ecosystems and animals on the brink of extinction, such as the giant panda and Sichuan golden snub-nosed monkey.

The Muni Gully subdivision consists of two parallel small gullies, Zhaga and Erdaohai The hot springs in Pearl Boiling Lake  simmers at 21C in what amounts to a massively sized swimming pool. The waters of both springs have high mineral contents and are said to have important medicinal properties. Muni Gully also contains a number of very attractive lakes and the Zhaga Waterfall

Tips: The average temperature is around 7C all the year round. It is misty in the morning and evening and rainy from May to August.
Transportation there is very good and there are many routes for you to choose from, including for example, Chengdu-Mianyang-Jiangyou-Pingwu-Jiuzhaigou-Huanglong
Chengdu-Guangyuan-Zhaohua-Wenxian-Jiuzhaigou-Muni Valley.
With good telecommunications facilities, mobile phones can be used there. There are also public payphones and internet cafes that bring you even more convenient means for communication.

Admission Fee: CNY 200 in peak season (from April 1-November 15)
CNY 80 in low season (from November 16- March 31)
Opening Hours: 09:10 to 16:40
Recommended Time for a Visit: One day

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