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Chongqing International Airport
Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport is a national level all weather airport.  It accommodates over 50 domestic and international airlines, including regular lines to Hong Kong, Dusseldorf in Germany, Tokyo, Nagoya in Japan and Seoul in South Korea and charter flights to Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur.  It has two terminal buildings,one is for domestic lines, the other is for international lines.
Flying times to Chongqing
From Hong Kong : 2.15hrs
From Beijing   : 2.35hrs
From Shanghai  : 2.20hrs

Airport Inquiring Tel : 023 - 67152338 023 - 67152351 Clinic of Terminal Building : 023 - 67152642 Luggage Searching of CA : 023 -67152343 023 - 67823331

Airport Transportation: passengers can take taxi or the airport bus to get to Chongqing downtown.

Airport Bus:

Bus Route

Running Hours

Pass-by Stops



From airport to Shangqing Si

From 06:00 to 20:20

Jiangbei stop

30 minutes

15 Yuan

From Shangqing Si to airport

According to the schedule of flights

Jiazhou Park

According to the schedule of flights

15 Yuan

City Transportation


The city bus system is developed one with three type bus which are public trolleybus, new type bus and lesser public car. At present, there are 27 lines of the lesser public car, and more than 90 lines of bus with 5 lines of public trolleybus. The bus tickets are so cheap, and the stepping price is one Yuan. However, some of the public buses require 1.5 Yuan as the stepping price.


In Chongqing city, almost of the taxi is the yellow suzuki car, and very obvious catching everyone's eyes. Absolutely, the high quality service with any similes in the clear car is one of the characters of Chongqing . The stepping price is 5 Yuan, and other extra 1.6 Yuan per km.

City Cable Car, Elevator and Rive Cableway

The city cable car and the elevator is one of the lighting features in Chongqing , depending on the Chongqing geography environment, and the mountain city special roads and streets. Using the city cable and the elevator is a convenient way to save time living in Chongqing .

Near by the railway station, there are the elevator as a transport and in the KaiXuan road, there are the lifts combining with the up and down streets.

Besides that, the river cableway has became important transportation way because Yangtze River and Jialing River driving along together. The stepping price is 1.5 Yuan.

Chongqing Highway

Chongqing is an important transportation pivot in the west of china, equipping the development highway, railway, airlines and river transport. Although Chongqing is a mountain city with the narrow road, which is so different from other cities such as Chengdu , Beijing and shanghai, the government in Chongqing does the best way to adjust the traffic and takes some effective actions. The Chongqing highway is the one of the achievements.

Chongqing internal highway has 75km all with 6 cars road that are 31.5m . Driving and finishing the whole internal highway, just spend 40 minutes as the designed speed is going on 80 km/h. the modern highway consist of three parts, which are the sections of Chongqing-ChangShou, Chongqing-QianJiang, and ShangJie highway.

At present, Chongqing has constructed the main districts highway as the center of Chongqing covering on the five aspects which are Chengdu-Chongqing highway, Chongqing-WanZhou highway, Chongqing-HeChuan highway, Chongqing-LingShui highway, Chongqing-QianJiang highway. Besides these, from ChangShou to FuLing highway and QianJing--WanSheng highway have been very important transportation road across the Chongqing Municipality City .

The main lines

Internal city highway from ShangQiao to JieShi is 23 km

Chengdu-Chongqing 340 km (the ticket price of bus is about 100yuan.)

Chongqing-Yichang 266km : Chongqing-ChangShou-LiangPing-WanZhou

ChangShou-Fuling 33km : from ChangShou-FuLing

Chongqing ---QianJiang 135km : Chongqing-QianJiang-ChongXi River

Chongqing-WuSheng 93km : Chongqing-BeiBei-HeChuang-WuSheng

Chongqing-LingShui 54km : Chongqing-YuBei-LingShui

Chongqing Water Transportation

Chongqing is an important water transportation port and has a site of docks and harbors. At present, there are 3 basically comprehensive water transportation pivots which are the main districts, WanZhuo and FuLing areas. Except these, JiangJing, YongChuan, HeChuan, FengJie, and WuLong have the ample scope of docks and harbors upgrading the water transportation net in the Chongqing municipality city. The productive dock sites have been up the 1392 ones and the capability of the carrying has achieved 6600 ten thousand ton.

Chongqing ChaoTianMen is one of the important and famous docks, situated in the east of the YuZhong district and at the point of the mixture of Yangtze River and Jialing River . The scenery of ChaoTianMen is great and grand, particularly, and ChaoTianMen is the best beginning point of the sighting of the three gorges on the Yangtze River .

Three are 3 types of the passenger ships, which are the luxury cruise ship, travel ship and the ordinary ship.

From ChaoTianMen setting sail on Yangtze River, ship can shore on Yichang, Wuhan and Nanjing and other cities. As a cruise, the route is usually that ship to Yichang needing 2days, to Hangkou needing 3 days and to Nanjing spending 5 days. Moreover, the fastest boat named Water Fly Boat from Chongqing (ChaoTianMen) to WuShan (Wu Mountain) sails just 9 hours all the line and to Yichang 12 hours.

Chongqing Railway Stations

Chongqing CaiYuanBa Railway Station (the Chongqing Train Station)

Address: CaiYuanBa, Yuzhong District

The railway station is situated an important place in Yuzhong District, which is consisted of the international port for the world collaborated with the ChaoTianMen and JieFangBei as well as is a large stage sharing Chongqing with all the people.

The main lines

From chongqing to south and west important cities,

From Chongqing to Beijing

From Chongqing to Zhengzhou

From Chongqing to Kunming

Connection: 023-61681114


Chongqing ShaPingBa Railway Station (the North Train Station)

Address: ShaPingBa District, near by Chongqing Normal University

Chongqing ShaPingBa Railway Station is originated the north train station because of new one station set up in the JiangBei district named Chongqing North Train Station (LongTouShi Railway Station). The train station is a complement one of the Chongqing CaiYuanBa Railway Station. The train station is situated in a culture district with the main students and teachers.

The main lines

From Chongqing to the south and west town cities

From Chongqing to Guangzhou

From Chongqing to Guiyang

From Chongqing to Wunumuqi

Connection: 023-61656322


Chongqing LongTouShi Railway Station (the North Train Station)

Address: Jiangbei District

Chongqing LongTouShi Railway Station has finished the construction and is running beginning on 23 rd December. The large train station is a building of the three stories with modern design. Particularly the station is a main and important train transportation pivot. The lighting train station is equipped with some advanced machines such as watchdogs, TV and auto line screen and so on.

The main lines

From Chongqing to north and east important cities

From Chongqing to Chengdu

From Chongqing to Shanghai

From Chongqing to Taiyuan

Connection: 023-61681111

Chongqing Long Distance Bus Stations

Chongqing Long Distance Bus Station (New One)

Chongqing long distance bus station is a part of the Chongqing Transportation Carrying Limit Company, and is situated in Cai YuanBa in YuZhong District that is a complex transportation system center wining with the highway, railway and Yangtze River channels. Obviously, Chongqing long distance bus station is important and comprehensive bus transportation in main districts in Chongqing .

The bus station is equipped with the bus broadcasting station, fire fighting machines, air-conditions, and x-light insecurity check system equipments. Moreover, the service of the bus station is also a fulfilled and high level of the quality. Particularly, the bus station sets up an information desk with English, Japanese language and the special terms for dumb persons.

Address: No.6 CaiYuan Road , YuZhong District, Chongqing

The Main Lines

From Chongqing to

Sichuan Province : Chengdu     Chongqing Municipality City : Hechuan

                   Luzhou                                    Wanzhou

                   Neijing                                   Zhongxian

                   Yibing                                    Liangping

                   Nanchong                                  Kaixian

                   Hejiang                                   Qianjiang

                   Nangzhong                                 Dianjiang

                   Shuilin                                   Nanchuan

                   Bazhong                                   Wuxi

Chongqing Long Bus Station (Old One)

Address : No.1 CaiYuanBa road, YuZhong District, Chongqing

The Main Lines

From CaiYuanBa, YuZhong District to Chongqing Municipality City

On request the details of the concert time, ticket price and the bus types


Chen JiaPing Long Distance Bus Station

The bus station is situated at the entrance of the Chengdu-Chongqing highway road and is an important and top level station. ChenJiaPing bus station is both of a carrying goods station and a passing information center that is the largest ample scope, fitful function and advanced vehicles system pivot.

With high quality service and the loftily enterprises' culture and spirit, every one of this bus station is always smiling facing on any passengers and customs.

Address : No.39 ShiYang road, ZhenJiaPing, JiuLongPo District

The Main Lines

From ChenJiaPing, Chongqing to

Sichuan Province : Chengdu        Chongqing Municipality City : Dazu

                   NeiJiang                                     BiShan

                   LuZhou                                       DingJia

                   ZiGong                                       JiangJing

                   YiBing                                       YongChuan

                   LongChang                                    TongLiang

                   XuLing                                       TongNan

                   JianYuang                                    RongChang



Chongqing ChaoTianMen long distance bus station

ChaoTianMen long distance bus station is one of important long distance bus stations in YuZhong District. Compared with CaiYuanBa bus station, the bus station displays the smaller scope, but the station is also famous in Chongqing because of the main carrying lines, which is a center pivot to the below sides of the Yangtze River in the Chongqing municipality city.

Address: ChaoTianMen, YuZhong District, Chongqing

The main lines

From ChaoTianMen, YuZhong District to the towns in Chongqing

Chongping tour