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The Cultural City of Nanzhao

  The Cultural City of Nanzhao is one kilometer to the southwest of the ancient city of Dali. This is a replica of a typical historical and cultural scene. Based on historical data and local history, some historical and cultural sites have been selected to represent the State of Nanzhao. The city is mainly composed of the Golden Hall, A Site for Sacred Music, Wax Statues, Nanzhao Cultural Street, Gardens, all reflecting the brilliant history and culture of the State of Nanzhao, including famous celebrities and the influence of Buddhism.

 Located in Dali provincial tourism resort in the central district, covers an area of 19.8 acres and a building area over 4,000 square meters, with a total investment of 100 million Yuan, according to the "high starting point, a multi-function, the international" standard "prominent local ethnic characteristics "the principle of the construction of large-scale cultural and tourist attractions.

      "Nanzhao culture" is a wonderful work culture of the Chinese nation; it brings together the crème of elite (ru) culture and the essence of national local culture. Nanzhao cultural city modeled after the Nanzhao, marble palaces and country style residential buildings located gate, Lixin Palace, Kwun Yam City, Dance and Music Office, Regency and other building facilities.

      Lixin Palace is the Jiandian of Nanzhao king. - Lixin Palace Nanzhao Wang's Palace, the momentum is majestic and magnificent with the Tang Dynasty architectural styles. Interesting Tajii basilica, Longyi, flags, feathers, and the guards of honor, and golden melons, Silver Axe etc. 18weapons; it as "the Vatican like Dali Volume," picture of "Emperor Lizhen visit the Buddha " for the basis, using King wax production, Wang Ji, Minister Chiang, ladies and eunuchs, servants of the statues at the same time also plays Nanzhao Wang, Wang Ji, ladies, and so on, to simulate the "Deng Nanzhao king Dian", " Nanzhao king inspection tour " ceremony. Visitors can also dressed in Nanzhao Wang, Princess Costumes, enjoy the imperial etiquette, the palace of palace life experience. 
      Showroom in the art of the double-box, with the wax display, "White Wang Ji-chu," and "fire song MING Floor," "Tianbao war," and "Cang mountain Alliance" story, let people understand the Nanzhao history. "Guanyin," a shop in the front and a factory workshop of civil, and business staff dressed as Nanzhao craftsman, simulated marble, wood carvings, Knot Dyeing, embroidery, painting Square, pharmacies, pawnshops, antiques, teahouse, hotels and other business to show promotion, reproduction Nanzhao era "March Street." "Nanzhao Dance and Music Office," held a grand banquet in the palace, the court dance performances Nanzhao music, a taste of Dali special food, both Baowenfu, real treat. "Regency" for the Nanzhao Kingdom Wuhuawan, water, Razor pool, Jihua, rare birds, Yishou have fun, no city walls and people appreciate the beauty of the mountains, the odd birds.
      In short, "Nanzhao cultural city" is the largest museum in Yunnan, China Cultural City Nanzhao and set visits, sightseeing, display, entertainment, catering, commerce integrated, multi-function, high-grade cultural tourism projects. Nanzhao style in order to demonstrate the increased tourists hobbies, and cultural city Nanzhao day will be held sooner or later "open city" and the "l Light" ceremony, the Quartet Jiabin warm reception!

How to get there:
you can take the minicars in the Ancient City of Dali or Xiaguan to get there. If you set out from Xiaguan, it will take you about 15 minutes and the price is 2 yuan. You can see the scutcheon of “Sites of Taihe City” by the road.

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